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Now even friendship is racist and partisan

The top story, above-the-fold, 72-point-headline article in today's Raleigh News & Observer: "School to be Apex Friendship".

They're talking about naming a new high school in Apex, NC. Briefly, some folks want the school to be named "Apex Friendship High School" to honor the historic Friendship community where the school will be located; some want it to be called "West Apex High School" instead (they say "Friendship" is "inappropriate" for a high school name...you'll see why momentarily or if you read the full article).

One wonders what all the fuss is about until we see some of the details:

On Tuesday, the groups sat in separate sections, with a largely white contingent urging the board to keep the West Apex name and a largely minority contingent from Friendship backing the new name.


Even more questions about Debra Goldman

If anyone remains unconvinced that Debra Goldman is unfit for the office of State Auditor, even after today's cry for attention/help, previously unreleased statements by an independent court appointed observer should settle the matter.

ABC11 video showing WCSB chair Margiotta in possible ethics violation

Watch the video in its entirety. Listen to Margiotta's arrogance toward the end of the video.

Wake County leads the way

Even if you're not a citizen of Wake County, you have to be proud of the results delivered yesterday after a full-court press in their local elections. Sanity prevailed in mayoral and city council races, as well as in the Wake County School Board elections. Progressives carried the day on almost every front.

There will be much written about whether these results signal trends that will influence the 2012 elections. So far, the main thing I've learned is that Art Pope Republicans can win elections, but they can't govern. Their instinct to divide and conquer spills into their policy agenda, pitting people against one another in ways that most fair-minded citizens won't tolerate. That's what happened on the Wake County School Board with the dramatic ouster of Ron Margiotta. With any luck and a lot of hard work, that will happen with Thom Tillis, too.
I sure do miss Joe Hackney.

New Video by Brave New Foundation on Koch Brothers and Wake Schools

Just found a new video from Brave New Foundation on Wake County schools, Koch Brothers and Americans for Prosperity-and the fight of 2009. Look here.
It is entitled, "Why do the Koch Brothers want to end public education". Send the link to all your friends and family.

As usual, it is well done.


The future of advocacy in the Old North State

In the spirit of "what's good for the good is good for the gander," I applaud the take-no-prisoners strategy being advocated by Mark Dorosin at the the UNC School of Law.

"The only way someone can be held accountable for breaking the law is to be declared to have broken the law," said Mark Dorosin, a senior attorney for the UNC School of Law's Center for Civil Rights, who will argue the case Thursday for the group who filed the lawsuit. "Having the court recognize that will be important to citizens under the open meetings law."

Accreditation agency to Puppetmaster: No dice

We won't play your games.

With Mr. Pope's frazzled strings showing every step of the way, the Wake County School Board this week again demonstrated the gross incompetence of extremist Republicans when it comes to doing the public's business. Isn't this just what Wake County needs: a national spotlight showing the toxic aftershocks of Mr. Pope's corporate takeover. I'm sure "no accreditation" for public high schools will be a big draw for all those corporate headquarters Raleigh is trying to attract.

Shadow puppetry in Wake County

From Indy Week:

Tata said he'll chart his own course and be “my own man,” not a puppet of the Republican school board majority. With Board Chair Ron Margiotta listening intently, Tata added: “Anybody who thinks I’m in their pocket has another think coming.”

This is not the kind of thing I'd expect to hear from the guy I just hired, which means that the whole "puppet" posturing is nothing but an orchestrated public relations charade. Yet there may a kernel of truth in the general's comments. He can't be a puppet of the Republican school board majority, because those Republicans themselves are already puppets of Art Pope. Is it possible to be a puppet-once-removed?

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