War in Iraq

War slick

This morning's news is filled with alarm about the collapse of Iraq, with pundits of every stripe debating the merits of the US choosing this or that tactical response. Everyone has an opinion, especially those who see profit in neverending war. And what is the reason for so much angst? It's the same as it ever was: our insatiable oil habit.

It's worse than we think

This makes me so goddamn mad I want to strangle every stinking GOP apologist and enabler in sight. Their eight years of squandering our assets on senseless wars and special interests has driven this nation to the very edge of oblivion.

Blue Dog Democrats who subscribe to the same sick corporate agenda are no better.

Goodnight, Iraq

Every now and then a gem emerges in comments at the N&O.

And the BIGGEST insult to all the dead and the dismembered, STILL, no one has been prosecuted for starting this war-for-profit.

Dick Cheney, George Bush, Paul Wolfowitz, and "you fight a war with the army ya got" Rumsfeldt should HANG for this sham, this obscene parody of a war, this COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY revenge-and-profit campaign which has bankrupted so many dreams as it bankrupted the nation's Treasury.


Amazing secret to deficit woes revealed!

Dr. Phil must be genetically incapable of recognizing the color orange.

Ice Berger and the USS North Carolina.

Former V-P Dick Cheney and Former Secretary of State Rice are criminals and traitors and should be in jail.

Rodger Koopman of Raleigh obtained two Master's degrees while on active duty in the US Air Force. He has a Master's of Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma and a Master's of Science in Computer Information Systems from Boston University.

Now retired from the Air Force and no longer in public office, Koopman is concentrating his efforts on building his business endeavors, and he travels frequently on business trips across the US and beyond.

He is a thoughtful and well-read individual. He is also unafraid to speak his mind.

After dark

Will the Real Walter Jones Please Stand Up?

I was really struck by this article I found linked to from HuffPo today. I know that ole Walter "Freedom Fries" Jones deserves very little of our sympathy for some of the outlandish comments and terrible votes he has cast as a United States Representative, but I am very much looking forward to reading this book.

Some good news


More on Mission Accomplished Day

Hat tip to Ed Cone on Mission Accomplished Day. Nice find, Ed.

Lord help us

While folks here disagree on many issues, there is one about which we have near unanimity: the tenure of Senator Elizabeth Dole has been an unqualified disaster. And what is Liddy doing these days to improve her performance? She is proposing that we increase our military spending by 20%! What could be better than that! As Rob Schofield at NC Policy Watch suggests, Dole's proposal would result in the US spending $15 a year for every human being on the entire planet.

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