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Moffitt's theft of Asheville's water overruled

In a blatant power grab, Tim Moffitt tried to do his part for privatization of public resources by attempting to usurp Asheville's water supply.

However, as is becoming common these days, a court of law struck down Tim's power play as unconstitutional.

Asheville is claiming victory after a North Carolina judge's decision striking down the transfer of the city's water system to a regional body.

Asheville officials said Monday that Wake County Superior Court Judge Howard Manning Jr. ruled state lawmakers last year violated the state constitution and failed to compensate for the cost of building the water system.

More DENR skulduggery

Once again, DENR and John Skvarla get caught in the midst of sleaze and corruption "customer service", where this time their "customers" are powerful legislators who are using their positions as elected officials to line their pockets.

The state Department of Environment and Natural Resources changed its position on a controversial reservoir project in Cleveland County, shortly before depositions were set to begin in a lawsuit against it.

That's right, after Bev Perdue's DENR consistently opposed an unnecessary reservoir that environmental groups call a "real estate scheme", Pat McCrony's DENR put the reservoir on a fast track.

NC communities consider resolution opposing state takeover of infrastructure

A dozen North Carolina cities and towns within the last few weeks have passed, considered or scheduled votes to approve the nonpartisan NC League of Municipalities resolution against "forced taking" of municipal infrastructure by the state.

Oppose the forced taking of municipal water systems!

NC Legislators & Governor: We Oppose the Forced Taking of Municipal Water Systems!

By Kathie Kline (Contact)

To be delivered to: The North Carolina State House, The North Carolina State Senate, and Governor Beverly Perdue

Raleigh's water rustlers, or, isn't It a Shane?

It has come to my attention that Buncombe County’s range war has gone largely unnoticed outside the region. Well, better saddle up, partners. Your town is next. For those who don’t have time for deep reading, here’s the story in a nutshell. It's a complicated story I don't fully grasp myself, so excuse the editorializing and lack of complete detail, but you need to know:

Raleigh is acting like rich, cattle barons.
They want our water rights.
They offer pennies on the dollar.
If we refuse, their henchmen take it by force.

Our rivers: The latest corporate giveaway

The US Supreme Court keeps on giving and giving. Last week, the Court tossed yet another bone to corporations and dealt another blow to environmentalists. The issue in PPL Montana LLC v Montana was who owns the riverbed beneath 10 hydroelectric dams sitting on three Montana rivers. This may seem like a snoozer, but given the latest grabs for the public’s water by private corporations, it has huge implications for the American people, and especially the people of North Carolina.

Drought warning issued by DENR

Exceptionally dry Winter not a good sign:

Forty-five counties are experiencing some level of drought, and 26 Piedmont counties stretching from Charlotte northeast to Roanoke Rapids have reached severe status. Levels of drought from lowest to highest are moderate, severe, extreme and exceptional.

While the volume of rainfall that replenishes our water resources may be an act of nature, the quality of our water resources is (without a doubt) determined by acts of man. Whether individual selfish acts or collective responsible acts are the primary drivers of that water quality is a choice even a 2nd Grader could answer in a split-second.

On what killed the dinosaurs, ... and you don't look so good yourself.

With apologies to Harlan Ellison, I shall begin this post by stating that what follows is very much speculation. The future is not set in stone.
Collisons can be very scary, and so are those moments just prior to the crunch of metal, moments when tires squeal, brakes burn and stomachs lurch. A collision is coming, and I just might know when.

Protect our North Carolina Water Rights

Concerned citizens of North Carolina, act NOW to save your water rights. The N.C. Division of Water Quality is seeking public comments regarding an application for a water quality certificate for the hydroelectric power plant on the Yadkin River.

Front-paged for action!

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