workplace safety

Real worker's compensation reform needed

And that doesn't mean pandering to lobbyists:

The quick fix concerns transparency. Last summer, in response to a Raleigh News & Observer report that as many as 30,000 North Carolina companies did not have required coverage, the General Assembly made most of the data confidential.

Is that how our Legislature should approach widespread systemic problems, by sweeping them under the carpet (or closing the drapes so nobody can see)? Of course not. But aside from the issue of the casual disregard of established law, there are some other very good reasons to bring these companies into compliance:

Please vote for John Brooks for Labor Commissioner -

In his four terms as Labor Commissioner, John Brooks did more for working people in North Carolina than any commissioner before him or since him - and that includes former Commissioner Payne. There are more pro-labor precedents in the case law books under John's name than under any other commissioner - go check it out in the law library to make sure!

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