Tax Payer Bill of Rights (TABOR) H188 - Help

TABOR is legislation/act/amendment which takes budgeting and revenue generation from the hands of the legislature and produces a "ratchet down" effect, limiting budgets to population growth and inflation in any given year. Sound good? Well, Colorado amended their constitution in 1992 to include TABOR, and has thus dragged Colorado down from a really nice place to live to next to last and last in quality of life and public service attributes. As usual, Civitas and Pope and Americans for Prosperity are behind this crap. Colorado had to amend the constitution to get relief from TABOR just to survive. They announced this yesterday in Raleigh. TABOR has been rejected in California and various other states.

This is one in which you should get everyone you know to look up Taxpayer Bill of Rights in Wikipedia and then contact every person they know to sound the alarm.

This was one of the reasons the Republicans, Pope, Elshelman, Luddy and all the other rich folks paid to dominate the legislature. If this gets in, we will be another 20 years in decline before we are rid of it. It is an automatic destruction machine, taking all discretion from governor, legislature and courts. And it has come to a legislature near you - be very afraid.



I almost hope it passes. The only way we're going to free ourselves from the shackles of Republican stupidity is going to be ten hard years of downward spiral. Before you know it, we'll start looking like South Carolina and businesses all over the country will be second-guessing their interest in our state.

Be careful what you ask for

TABOR was drastic for Colorado! We ought not to have to go through that. The problem is that TABOR digs a deep enough hole that you can never build back what you lost since you are so far behind. It permanently sets any progress in the state really far back. No tax increases or other sources can make up the lost ground, never. You just remain behind, for good. I expect the pond scum which make up the NC voters to NOT understand any of this and say, "so what"? Nonetheless, I feel we have to make a real stand against this absolute idiocy.



I agree, of course

Just musing

This is as bad as it gets

Although we seem to be saying that every week.

It was a bad day

at the 'ole Legislature today. Monitoring the real-time feeds proved to be an extremely depressing occupation. I'm tempted to ramp up the masochism by witnessing the bad government circus in person.