Taylor's Fat Wad Droppeth. Whatever Will We Do?

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Part Two - Time is Mightier Than the Wad
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Part One - The Wad Droppeth:

Journal Now: "Taylor, an eight-term incumbent, has raised more than $3.6 million for his re-election. Included in this figure is a personal loan Taylor gave to the campaign for more than $2.1 million.

As of Oct. 18, Taylor reported having $136,396 cash on hand.

Democrat Heath Shuler, Taylor's opponent, has raised more than $1.6 million for his campaign and has $336,865 cash on hand for the final weeks."

First of all we'll need to add the $600,000 Taylor loaned to his campaign since this article's publication. Then go ahead and add the $1.2 million spent for Taylor by the NRCC and the $1 million spent on Shuler's behalf by the DCCC. Throw in a few hundred grand on both sides through groups like ALIPAC and the League of Conservation Voters, and you've got some big numbers. Roughly...

Taylor's spent about $4.1 million dollars up to now, and his courtiers have spent about a million and a half.

Shuler's spent about $1.3 million dollars, and has been helped with about $1.3 million more.

That's $5.6 million Taylorbucks vs. $2.6 million Shulerbucks. That's more than 2-1 spending that wouldn't be possible without Taylor's distended wallet. Taylor loves his money, but he loves his power more. He could spend another million (roughly 1.2% of his estimated worth) before the election.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPart Two - Time is Mightier Than the Wad:

Since launching Scrutiny Hooligans over two years, we've managed to spend not a penny in our efforts. While I've donated to a few political campaigns, most of the rabble we've roused has been cost-free. Today at MoveOn.org's phone banking operation, I was again reminded what democracy on the cheap can do. In two hours I managed to recruit 6 volunteers to contact progressive voters in hot races and tell them to get to the polls. The MoveOn Call for Change campaign is touted as the most effective GOTV tool in the nation, and judging from their success here in Asheville I believe it. While the proof will be in the November 8th pudding, this is one tight ship.

I tell you this to encourage you to combat Taylor's wild spending with your conscientious time. All the poll numbers are leaning in Shuler's favor, but if our voters don't show up, then it's two more years of Chainsaw Ivanovo a.k.a The Lump.

Click here to get involved in the Call for Change campaign. You can do calling from home. MoveOn gives you all the contacts. They're all progressives, so you don't have to argue with anyone. It's just reminding them to get to the polls. Only 37% of registered voters showed up in the last midterm elections.

If you're not into MoveOn, contact your local Democratic Party HQ. They will hook you up with a way to help. Or Do More Than Vote.

For all the time you've spent worrying and gnashing your teeth over the malfeasnace of the Republicans in power, throw a fraction to shifting the paradigm.


The Wad Droppeth

into the black pit of Chuck Taylor's miserable soul.

Taylor supporter to be fined?

This just in from politicalmoneyline.com

Section 527 Group Faces $1 Million Fine?
Americans For Honesty on Issues, an organization that registered as a Section 527 with the I.R.S. on August 28, has no third quarter disclosure report (through 9/30) or pre-election disclosure report (10/1 to 10/18) available to the public on the I.R.S. website as of noon today. The organization is believed to have received at least $3 million in receipts, with the sole known donor being Texan Bob Perry.

The organization reported to the FEC it raised $2 million and spent $1,427,964 on electioneering communications from 9/1 to 10/9. The only donor was Bob Perry ($2 million on 9/1). The group also reported to the FEC it raised $1 million and spent $369,778 on electioneering communications from 10/27 to 10/30. The only donor was Bob Perry ($1 million on 10/27).

This organization may become the poster example of how seriously the I.R.S. enforces its own filing and disclosure requirements. I.R.S. release IR-2004-110 states, “An organization that fails to timely report, fails to include all required information about contributions and disbursements, or that reports incorrect information is required to pay 35 percent of the amount related to the failure.”

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Great work screwy.

CountryCrats - my thoughts, my blog.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

While I support the Democrats in NC...

I wonder about Heath's views on a lot of important issues. This will be a term where a laundry list of important issues will come up, and I'm not entirely enthused with the idea of a Pro-Life, Pro-Gun dem. I'm sure he'd do a better job than Taylor, but it just makes me second guess passionately supporting him. I guess I'm better off here in the 8th, where most of the important issues are black and white. Anybody care to help me and explain this better to me?

This has been debated a lot around here.

The bottom line for me is simple.

First, a "D" is better than an "R". It's about who controls the agenda.

Second, the "gun" issue is dead. No pun intended. As near as I can tell, it's off the table completely. No candidate anywhere is staking their seat on that issue.

Third, Heath will learn a lot about the reality of life in these United States when he gets into office. He doesn't have a radical position on abortion rights, and does not appear to be a person who'd go on a witchhunt to push the issue to extremes. When he learns about the realities of incest, rape, dangerously botched abortions, social inequities, and more, I suspect he'll take a moderate position that seeks to minimize abortion while protecting the health of mothers and the lives of rape victims.

Many of us are supporting Heath because he is a thousand times better than Up Chuck. North Carolina can play a role in stopping the insanity of George Bush by electing two new Democrats to the House of Representatives.

That's what matters most right now.

Very good point...

...as I would expect from you. I know it's my own main focus to regain the government, or as Larry says, "Take Our Country Back", but I was just having a hard time wondering just how much trust I'd put in someone that's shaky on issues that are very important to me. I'd hate to see him hold a decisive vote on some important issue down the road and have me wondering why I spent my time preaching for his election. I appreciate your well composed answer and thank you for it, it's helped me get a better idea on how I feel regarding the entire election. Ultimately, the bluer, the better. Keep up your good work.

I think another important facet

is that some of these issues are state/judicial issues. Gay marriage and abortion will NEVER make the docket under Democratic rule. Abortion is a supreme court issue for now and gay marriage is a state's rights issue. As for guns, I wish assault rifle bans were not dead, but they probably are until at least 2009. We have so much to fix in the next few years - it is almost like that was Bush's plan - that it will be hard to do everything.

Because of that, I think Dems will stick to investigating corruption and influence; fixing Iraq; and working class issues like wages, taxes, and health care.

CountryCrats - my thoughts, my blog.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.