Thank a Republican for the Great North Carolina Job Collapse that is happening right now

You'll be hearing a lot of happy talk about unemployment falling. Don't believe it. If you want to know the truth, just ask your friends and neighbors who are unable to find work.

North Carolina’s unemployment picture is much worse than it appears on the surface, according to new numbers released by the N.C. Division of Employment Security today. Although the unemployment rate dropped to 6.9 percent in December, this is due almost entirely to a historic collapse in the state’s labor force, not to genuine gains in employment.


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The North Carolina is going gangbusters, if by that you mean it's going bust under the guiding hand of a gang of liars in Raleigh.

More on jobs

Fewer people looking for work.
More people dropped from unemployment insurance.
More people moving onto food stamps and other assistance programs.

Net net: The Great North Carolina Job Collapse is going gangbusters.

Falling unemployment rate

is due largely to people dropping out of the workforce.

And that workforce has decreased. FEWER people in NC have jobs today than 1 year ago. Employment is DOWN.

It's interesting that the same right-wing nut jobs who boast about the wonderful employment situation in NC (sparkleponies!) are the first ones to complain when President Obama touts an improving economy and improving employment picture.

You can't have it both ways, wing nuts.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis