Thank you for contributing to Tillis for Senate

Yes, you. Thanks for contributing to Thom's US Senate campaign. We all did.

Tillis's ridiculous "study" of the "impacts" of the Affordable Care Act on North Carolina is, if course, a politically motivated sham.

According to a statement from the legislative leaders' offices, "The committee is being formed to explore the real world impacts that the Affordable Care Act is having on North Carolina's economy and citizens through disruptions in the insurance marketplace, dropped coverage for families and higher premiums without improved access to providers."

We know it's a politically motivated sham because they've all but said that they will ignore positive effects of Obamacare and ignore the negative impacts of the NCGA's own stupid policies such as not setting up a state exchange and refusing federally funded Medicaid expansion.

When asked if the new committee would investigate all impacts of the ACA, including impacts that could be perceived as positive, Tillis spokeswoman Anna Roberts said, "As stated in the press release, the Joint Legislative Study Committee will investigate the impacts of the Affordable Care Act on North Carolina."

Asked if the committee's investigation would include the impacts of the decision not to expand Medicaid, Roberts said, "It's safe to assume that the committee will discuss many decisions that North Carolina faces as a result of the Affordable Care Act."

We also know this is a politically motivated sham because Tillis has now announced the committee's members. The co-chairs are (SURPRISE!) both GOP right-wing nut jobs, and although the committee has a couple token progressive Democrats, it's heavily stacked with extremist loons, including (SURPRISE!) Tillis's Deputy Attack Dawg, the ethically challenged serial liar Tim Moffitt.

So it's evident that this isn't a "study"; it's just another Kay Hagan bashing commercial for Tillis's Senate campaign.

The difference is that, rather than being paid for by Karl Rove, this Hagan-bashing commercial for Tillis's Senate campaign is being paid for by you. Thanks for your contribution.


This is an abuse of power

not too far removed from Gov. Christie's "Bridgegate". Tillis is using his position as NC House Speaker to advance his US Senate campaign (he already used that position to extort campaign $ from people who wanted certain bills passed).

Let's hope that the Dems on this committee point out that this is an illegal use of public funds for campaign purposes once it becomes obvious to everyone that that's all this is.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

Be sure... contact your legislators to tell them that should Thommie step down as Speaker of the House - the LAST person you would want in that position is Mike Hager.