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I will have to make this short, but there is a bit of good news tucked away in "The Hill" today. The Republicans have sent out an internal memo, also sent to lobbyists, which tells you whose side they are on, that said the following:

In an e-mail to congressional officials, NRCC PAC Director Jenny Sheffield states, “…it’s crucial at this point to send in some late money to some [of] our campaigns. The funds our candidates receive now will allow them to increase their TV buys and will make the difference on Nov. 7.

“I have attached our Final Push list for those Members and candidates most in need of support right now. If your boss has not maxed out to those on the attached list, please ask him or her to consider sending a check from a leadership PAC and/or reelection account … IMMEDIATELY!”

Who was NOT on the list is the most interesting thing.

Republican incumbents who did not make the Final Push cut include Reps. Chris Chocola (Ind.), Michael Fitzpatrick (Pa.), John Hostettler (Ind.), Nancy Johnson (Conn.), Jon Porter (Nev.), Clay Shaw (Fla.), Christopher Shays (Conn.), and Charles Taylor (N.C.).

These Republicans are in highly competitive races, but several have major fundraising advantages over their opponents and are not in dire need of NRCC assistance.

But Fitzpatrick, Hostettler, and Taylor have less cash on hand than their Democratic opponents.

Hostettler is in serious jeopardy of losing his seat. The sixth-term incumbent is a lackluster fundraiser and trailed Democratic candidate Brad Ellsworth by 23 points in a recent poll.

Taylor is behind in his race against former pro quarterback Health Shuler by single digits, while Fitzpatrick’s race is expected to go down to the wire.

NRCC spokesman Ed Patru said the Final Push List “is fluid,” suggesting it has been revised since late last week. He noted that Hostettler does not accept PAC money and that Fitzpatrick’s opponent, Patrick Murphy, has “greatly underperformed.” However, the nonpartisan Cook Political Report recently moved the Fitzpatrick-Murphy race from lean Republican to toss-up.

Asked about Taylor’s exclusion from the list, Patru said, “Taylor has always written his own check.”

Spokespersons for Fitzpatrick, Hostettler, and Taylor did not comment for this article.

This is good news, while at the same time that last bolded sentence is key - Taylor is a bajazillionaire and he got that way because of his Congressional ties. He won't give them up cheap. I wonder what he is paying per hour for GOTV? Maybe we could take his money and then walk Democratic lists? : )


Taylor the Brazillionaire

Yes. The NRCC is expecting Taylor to self-fund. He just dropped another $600,000 into his campaign (bringing his total to $2.8 million). Also, in internal NRCC ratings last week leaked to MyDD, the National Party has NC-11 listed as a Likely Democratic Pickup. They think Taylor will lose, and they're certainly not going to shovel any more money into the losing campaign of a multi-millionaire.

Regardless of all this drama, the key to victory is getting every Shuler voter to the polls. Please everyone, help get out the vote by volunteering to phone bank or canvass in these last few days before the die is cast.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

Elon poll Shuler approval

New Elon University Poll shows support for Shuler, low approval for Taylor. According to the press release:

A new Elon University Poll conducted in North Carolina’s 11th U.S. House District shows 51 percent of respondents disapprove or strongly disapprove of Republican incumbent Charles Taylor’s job performance in Congress. While 35 percent of respondents approve or strongly approve of Taylor, 47 percent of citizens approve or strongly approve of the Democratic challenger in the Nov. 7 election, Heath Shuler.

First reported by southernphilosopher on Daily Kos earlier today. Apparently there is a NC-08 poll coming out tomorrow from Elon.

The new Majority WAtch poll

shows Cong. Shuler up by 9 and Cong. Kissell up by 4 points.

: )

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

WNCNN Edwards-Shuler rally video made the greatest page on DU!

OACer, machka, posted the WNCNN video of Senator Edwards' speech at the recent Shuler rally and it has made the Greatest page. If you get a chance, please stop in and recommend and post!

John Edwards" What's at Stake in these Elections

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Posted in the new video forum on DU.

WNCNN video has now made the FRONT PAGE of DU!

Please go comment and recommend!

Front page of DU

Wow, that's exciting

but I can't post for 24 hours! boo hoo

Other good Shuler news: The Buncombe Repub HQ is closed all day for Laura's visit. They've got to be swamped with work! And her photos will come out the same day as hallowe'en pics. Wonder why they gave Taylor the worst day of the week????
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Hmm...would you rather them spend a day putting things together for her or a day doing GOTV?

I can see why you are giddy over her visit.

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