There's no poverty in America?

Republican denial doesn't change the facts. Or the pictures.



Poverty in America

A great many of we old timers grew up in poverty in America. We may not have been identified back then as in poverty, but we sure were poor. Family with 7 kids. Worked in the tobacco fields to get money and momma canned enough to last through the winter months when work and money was slim. It was tough. It wasn't in the depression, it was just how it was for we country folks. Lot of families like that where we were then. We didn't call each other poor. We helped each other and all we kids worked ourselves out of it eventually by studying and taking low paying jobs in the mills and working our way up or out of that situation. Daddy would have had a fit if anyone he knew took money from folks or the government if they didn't earn it. He was funny like that. Not many opportunities back then, but if you were willing to work hard and if you were smart enough, you found a way to succeed.

Where has that American spirit gone?