If you haven't read Steve's post below on Titan Cement, read it now. Read about how completely the rights and privileges of corporate interests are subverting the basic freedoms of individuals in North Carolina. Titan Cement is suing two ordinary citizens for saying what they think. They specifically are challenging two individuals for posting a video with the following words.

From lawsuits for price fixing and court-ordered mine closures of Titan’s Florida plant, to allegations of corruption coming from Raleigh, to emails raising suspicion whether Titan was ever even considering any other location, which would make incentives completely unnecessary, the clouds of corruption grow dark as new controversies emerge almost daily.

The bottom line is we know from numerous studies that if we build this thing, more children will get sick, a handful of them will die. We also know from the adult studies that more adults will get sick and quite a few more of them are going to die as well Which ones? Can’t tell you. That makes it difficult, but there will be some.

I don't know about you, but this all seems pretty accurate to me. Price fixing? Mercury poisoning and cement plants?

If you want some general background, use the Google. Or visit the Coastal Federation site, which has a good summary of the conflict and the players. In the meantime, two of our fellow citizens are being crushed under the thumb, metaphorically speaking of course, of Titan Cement. Does anyone know if there is a legal defense fund in the works?

If ever there was a case to eliminate legal rights for corporations, Titan Cement is making it in spades.

To my knowledge.


Paradox in paradise

I confess to using the Google to get a lot of my information about what's happening in the world. I'm guessing others do as well. It's really hard to know the truth these days.

Titan Cement is not a filthy polluter

Art Pope does not profit from poverty

Bob Luddy doesn't get any returns for his private school investments and doesn't undermine public education

Tom Fetzer is not gay

Google is a great tool

I'll try some of the other search engines from time to time, but I always come back to the G.

The Oprah case

These huge corporations that will shovel money into the legislature in the back door and accept government subsidies in the front as promoting a business environment are at least non-discriminatory. They are trying to crush two private citizens for merely using their free speech rights, the maker of BGH(Bovine Growth Hormone) that made dairy cows give much more milk sued farmers and store chains for criticizing the milk(sued their own producers), and many have forgotten but twenty odd years ago, a Texas cattle grower's association sued Oprah Winfrey and she was forced to go to Texas and defend herself in court for saying she would eat no more beef.

Titan Cement is not singling out these two people, these corporations will crush anything in their way and the legislatures in the various states are aiding and abetting them.

As I had said before, they are swapping dollars for dead people.

Fritz Pardue

Titanic abuse of First Amendment Rights

An important aspect of this is the video referenced in the complaint is video from a county commissioners meeting a year ago. If you can't voice your grievances in a public forum to your elected officials, then we may as well just rip up the constitution!

You can also find out more here: http://stoptitan.com/the-fight/titan-suing-citizens.asp
All of the comments these two citizens are being sued for can be referenced and fact-check (as you can see in the above article)

A defense fund has been set up. http://www.fighttitan.com/
EVERY one of us should be outraged that this billion dollar foreign company is abusing our court system in an attempt to intimidate and silence not only two individuals, but an entire community.
This story needs to get out there far and wide.

Thanks for the link, KD

I can't think of a more worthy cause for folks to donate to. It's not just about Titan's pollution, it's also about our right to voice opposition without fear of corporate vengeance.