Tick, tick, tick

It's not surprising that membership in the over-reaching, arrogant North Carolina Association of Realtors is dropping like flies. Perhaps it's just the economy. Perhaps the Ticks have lost touch with what's important to their members. Or perhaps it's because the leadership at NCAR may not have the integrity of a gnat. Pardon the strained metaphors.

Election regulators will examine how North Carolina's Realtors funded efforts to oppose local tax increases on land sales and whether it was legal to use mandatory member dues to pay for the undertaking.

The State Board of Elections plans to meet Thursday to discuss a 2008 complaint against the North Carolina Association of Realtors by Wake County real estate agent Becky Harper.

Harper said the association shouldn't require a one-time $70 fee that she said paid for political campaigns such as opposing land transfer tax increases. Association leaders said all the money didn't go toward fighting issues. An election board investigation found no campaign finance laws were broken. But board executive director Gary Bartlett said additional questions were raised.

Don't hold your breath for the SBOE to do anything about this, especially now that corporations have free rein to do whatever they want with whatever money they have available. It's been my experience that the Board is mostly just another act in Art Pope's Puppetshow.


Nothing against hard-working realtors

I have lots of good friends in the business. I just wish they'd pushback against the NCAR leadership, which gives a bad name to every single member.

SBOE sides with NCAR against real realtors

No big surprise. The SBOE is just an extension of the NCGOP. Everybody knows that.