The Tillis slide continues

(and no, the "Tillis slide" is not a dance -- thank heavens).

Kay Hagan's numbers have stopped sliding, according to PPP. They could be better, but she's weathering the Karl Rove/Koch brothers vicious attacks.

But Tillis is sliding like a sled on grease.

And what's Thom's brilliant plan to fight back? Get money from Turtle Boy and Loony Lindsey, at a party hosted by a banking lobbyist. Free advice to Thom: when you're going down, it's not generally a good idea to tie yourself to the anchor.

Kay's gotta be pleased.


Lobbyists bypass state ban, donate to Tillis's federal campaign

So says N&O Under the Dome.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

Pro-Hagan ad attacking Tillis

I (finally) saw this earlier today, and I personally think they should have left out the ending where they call out Tillis. Make no mistake, I have no problem attacking Republicans in general or Tillis in particular, but I thought the positive stuff about Kay was more than enough on its own. Going negative at the end (IMO) leaves a bad aftertaste. Plus, it sends the message Kay is worried about Tillis. Not smart.

The ad sucks

I thought the same thing and then some. What moron spent his wad now is beyond me.

Now I know the name Tillis. WHO? Oh, the alternative to Kay.

Moronic, idiotic move. Take the ad down now.

Who do Democrats have to pay to fire Kay Hagan's ad team? Honest question.

Yep. Sucks.

One of the hazards of having independent expenditures in the mix.