Titan gets air permit, drops SLAPP suit

It's still a miscarriage of justice, nonetheless:

"Prior to today's mediation, we had not personally met and spoken with Dr. Hill and Ms. Darrell," Titan said in a statement. "Having done so, we do not believe that either Dr. Hill or Ms. Darrell intentionally made any false statements about Titan or our plant in New Hanover County.

Here's a little request for you Republican "reformers" in the General Assembly: Why don't you take a break from kow-towing to corporations, just for a day or two, and pass some legislation that will protect citizens from the un-Constitutional suppression of their 1st Amendment right to free speech. It might make your efforts to grant a "get out of court free" card to big pharma seem less sleazy, in the overall legal reform "big picture", as it were.


And just to say it,

the fact that I wrote this post with some trepidation, typing my thoughts, deleting them, typing new words that had been "parsed" with an eye towards limiting legal exposure for myself and my mostest favorite blog, well. I don't like to feel stifled. Pisses me off, actually. I can only imagine what Kayne and David have been going through, and will likely still be feeling for some time to come.

Nobody should be made to feel that way. Not in this country, in this day and age.