Truth and Hope, on tour

Paying attention to the twenty percenters:

The truth is, government and the private sector have not adequately addressed the historical and structural causes of the deep poverty in Eastern North Carolina. The truth is, long before the Great Depression and the recent Great Recession, thousands of God's children of all colors lived on the edge of survival. The truth is, the recent economic and ecological tornadoes just made this structural poverty worse."

That's Reverend Barber, and here are a few words from Gene Nichol:

"The scourge of poverty in North Carolina is both our largest policy challenge and our greatest sin against constitutional principle. We seek to shine a light through this tour on the huge gap between our words and our deeds."

The two groups will be joined by a third, our friends over at the NC Justice Center. More information will be forthcoming.


I <3 Gene Nichol

One of my heroes for sure.

Yeah, me too

I'd be willing to go back to school just to have him as a professor. That goes for Jane, too.