Tuesday Twitter roundup

The GOP thrives on power, except when they're expected to do the right thing:

Their allegiance to Duke Energy is breathtaking:

The state’s Environmental Management Commission on Monday appealed a judge’s ruling that gave it the authority to force Duke Energy to immediately stop pollution at its coal ash ponds.

It was an unexpected move by the state — and an unusual one — and put the commission on the same side of the ruling as Duke Energy, which last week also appealed the judge’s decision.

The influence of the private sector on our government is wide-reaching. Which probably tickles the corporate toadies to no end, but it bugs the bejesus out of the rest of us. Speaking of influence:

Wrong. All a successful protest petition does is force a supermajority of city council votes to approve the rezoning. If the "greater community" wants something done that the closest/most affected property owners don't want staring them in the face every day, that "greater community" can make its case well enough to sway 75% of the governing body. If it can't, then the rights of the property owners directly impacted should be paramount.

The developers are trying to twist this argument into the exact opposite: that property owners are some larger entity that should bow to the will of a slight majority of their elected officials. Because it's less costly to manipulate that system in their favor, of course. But it flies in the face of the Libertarians' (stated) position on property rights. So it will be interesting to see if JLF/Civitas opposes the move to repeal protest petitions, or if they do some painful twisting to support it. There also could be a "C" choice, where John Hood and his merry band completely ignore the potentially embarrassing issue. Decisions, decisions.

Can I bring a cellphone or other electronic recording device? Sketch pad? Telepathic robot? Nothing? *sigh* I'll take a raincheck.

And they tell me (don't ask me who "they" are, 'cause I ain't tellin') if you're a Progressive registered as an Independent, you can grab a Republican ballot, vote for the gynofraudulest Greg Brannon, and also cast a vote for Robin Hudson. And you can do so without feeling the tiniest ounce of guilt, because the Republicans have done their best to rig the election system in their favor, and have squeezed every last drop of integrity out of the process.

And one of these days, rural voters will realize they've been voting against their better interests for decades. But that day isn't here yet.

For all the right-wing nutters and left-wing pundits who think going after the Koch Brothers is "lame" or "wrong" for Democrats to do, pay attention to this cartoon. Barack Obama is not up for re-election, either.

Riiight, the wage gap is a myth, but the magical free-market is a reality. Wake up, Einstein, or you'll be late for your shock therapy treatment.

And you just answered the question why, idiot.

That's a whole lotta stupid people right there...

Speaking of stupid:

Shorter version: Tim D'Annunzio is a confused little boy in the body of a man.

Yes, it was. And if they succeed, and the numbers of early voters drops significantly, they'll use that as a reason to do away with early voting entirely.

Wow. Is it just me, or does it seem like Orr's career is in reverse? Former Supreme Court Justice and now an interim District Attorney? Next thing you know he'll be back in law school stumbling across the quad with a backpack full of heavy books and packages of ramen noodles. Poor Bob.

How, by having more job losses than any other state? Gee thanks. With friends like this, NC citizens don't need any enemies.

On that teeth-grinding note, it's time to escape in some Onion silliness:

:) That's how I found out, and look at me now! Ehh. Let's try another one:

I'm laughing, but it's one of those painful laughs, like you do when your auto mechanic seems hesitant to tell you everything he had to do with your car to make it right...


If you're near Campbell Law school,

you may want to drop in and "audit" this lecture:

More on this crazy dude, who shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a college campus:

Gun extremist Andrew Branca is speaking at Campbell Law School in Raleigh TODAY about Stand Your Ground laws. He is a real piece of work, who regularly harasses gun violence advocates online, and uses very violent rhetoric. He likes to bash Trayvon Martin as a regular topic. I have no idea why they would invite him.

In case you want to show up it is at NOON in room 105, Members of the local community are welcome to join Campbell Law students, faculty, staff, and alumni for the discussion. Paid parking is available at the City of Raleigh Municipal Parking Deck across from the law school on West Morgan Street.

Or contact the school. 919.865.4650 http://www.facebook.com/campbelllawschool

Tell them they have sunk pretty low and voice a protest against them hosting a guy who said this week: "Always say, homicide's not an inherent bad. Depends on who's doing the dying." and "To handle Trayvon, a KelTec and one 9mm round is fine."

Why do they give this freak a platform?

He tweeted last week: " "Both Gabby Giffords and James Brady agree with you. Of course, they both took a bullet through the head.”

You know, I put up with Campbell's required religion courses when I attended, and I felt lucky that some of the professors they shunted off to Ft. Bragg were non-conformist troublemakers. One of them was gay and apparently treated like trash at the main campus, but he deserves a lion's-share of the credit for my writing capabilities, whatever they are.

But this is a school of law, not a school of abnormal psychology, and not all opinions are worth airing.