Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll begin with some election year hyperbole:

A trend that was brought about by the devastating deregulation of the financial industry by free-market nut-jobs like yourself. By the way, Kay's last name only has five letters and "e" isn't one of them. It ain't hard to keep up with.

I'll save you the time: the right-wing Twit brigade is going out of its way to appear to be objective, but in the end, they will "conclude" that unseating a Dem Justice in the Primary and then having two Republicans run for her seat is nothing for conservatives to be ashamed of. Of course it would never occur to them that twisting so hard to make an act barely palatable is proof in itself that the act is not.

Don't think I won't crash that party, so I can scatter around tid-bits of unwanted advice. Future Tweet: "We're looking forward to seeing almost everyone this Saturday..." ;)

Yep, you guessed it:

Tim Peck says:

April 18, 2014 at 9:38 pm

Once again, Asheville embarrasses itself in full view of the rest of the state. I’ll not be surprised if the legislature shuts down the whole city and withdraws its charter. After all, it only takes is a simple majority of the legislature to repeal a city’s charter (and it’s not subject to a veto). Believe me, they have the votes.

There's nothing more contemptible than a wannabe tyrant making casual threats in the name of others. Others who, by the way, are way too smart to destroy their political careers by dismantling what's arguably the most popular city in the state. Every day Moffitt keeps Peck by his side provides more proof voters made a horrible mistake. Here's a bonus Peck in case your gorge hasn't risen high enough:

Charming, as usual.

So...where's the guy with the bucket of water and/or a hose? For the pants that will inevitably catch on fire, you see. And any potential leg-humping that may need to be broken up...

Okay, I withdraw my endorsement of Zack Matheny and call on all my devout followers to assist in Laura Fjeld's campaign. 1st order of business: find out how to pronounce her name properly before making even more of an ass out of myself at that party I'm thinking about crashing.

If you're not going to spend it on a third home or a yacht, then what's the point? Cut it!

In their usual flip-flop-flip fashion, Pope's puppets claim they support something while doing the exact opposite. In this case, they are trying to pressure the UNC administration into firing Gene Nichol, but they're using the so-called mistreatment of another professor to draw attention away from their activities. What is that? A "no true Scotsman" fallacy? Anyway, here is their hero:

You have gall, but I have Town Hall
Mike S. Adams

September 10, 2003

Dear University Advancement Office:
I just went down the hall to check my mail and noticed that you sent me a letter today asking for an “employee contribution” to help the university in this time of budgetary crisis. I put the letter on top of the one from human resources reminding me that my $172 parking fee was due next week. Below that, there is a letter informing me that my health insurance costs are going up next month. At the bottom of the stack, there is a letter saying that I will not be getting a pay-raise again this year. But enough talk about that, you asked about a donation.

Before I take out my checkbook, I was wondering whether you could answer a few questions concerning the
last time we talked back in the fall of 2001. You will recall that it was shortly after the 911 terror attacks when I received an e-mail from a socialist student (whose mom is also a university administrator) blaming the 911 attacks on the Unites States Government. You probably remember that I responded to her diatribe against America by saying that it was “bigoted,” “unintelligent,” and “immature.” I then forwarded her response because she had asked me to do so in her e-mail.

Shortly after that, the administration got involved. Provost John Cavanaugh called to inform me that the student was accusing me of “libel” after he scolded me for making the student “look bad” by forwarding her e-mail (again, because she asked me to). He indicated that the university might be forced to open a number of my emails against my objections in order to find evidence of “libel.” That was when I got the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education involved in the case.

FIRE’s Thor Halvorssen got in touch with Town Hall columnist Suzanne Fields. After she wrote an editorial
mentioning the controversy, it became a national news item. Both your office and the Provost’s Office
expressed indignation because Fields’ article said that the Provost had visited my office when, in fact, he had
only called me on the phone to let me know that trouble was brewing over my constitutionally protected

However, I noticed that the university lost its interest in punctilious accuracy a few weeks later when contacted by another Town Hall columnist named John Leo. He called the day after the university had read my personal emails in search of evidence that I had “libeled” the aforementioned socialist daughter of an administrator. Leo simply asked another UNCW administrator whether the university had read my e-mails. The administrator stated unequivocally that none of my e-mails had been read. Big mistake.

After Leo wrote an article published on Town Hall the public learned the truth about the university’s
capitulation to the demands of my student accuser and her mommy. Among those learning the truth was Sean Hannity, who promptly invited me to appear on a show that he co-hosts with a liberal commentator. I can’t remember the liberal guy’s name so we’ll just call it the “Hannity” show. In the end, it was a public relations disaster for the university, from which I hope they learned a valuable lesson. I certainly learned a valuable lesson that semester. Now I know that when university administrators mislead the public, Town Hall is there to set the record straight.

That may have been the biggest, but it wasn’t the last free speech controversy here at UNC-Wilmington. In 2002, I was outraged when the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) refused to allow a local crisis pregnancy
center (CPC) to advertise on the WRC website alongside Planned Parenthood. Rather than suing the WRC, I simply wrote an article exposing their hypocrisy...

If I were the Provost or Dean or Grand PooBah or whoever is responsible for making faculty personnel decisions, I would have fired his ass about halfway through this letter. Gene Nichol speaks his mind, but I've yet to see him viciously attack the UNC administration. For the puppets to (even try) elevating this nut-job to the same level as Nichol, much less above him, is a twist that should result in spinal damage.

Okay, it's time for your Onion break:

:) I feel you, brother.


Sorry this took so long to get posted

Frickin' computer problems. Aren't they supposed to be time-saving devices? Anyway, here's a bonus Onion for your patience:

Yeah, that's...not that funny when you think about it. Try again:


As far as the first one goes.....

a lie told often enough convinces conservative sheeple that it is the gospel truth.

Sad...but we have seen it over and over again.

Vote Democratic, the ass you save may be your own.

"Unchartering" Asheville?

Who do they think they're fooling?

I mean seriously - it's the largest city in WNC.

Delusional doesn't even begin to cover it....

Delusional they are

But the Tims are vile, reprehensible men who seem to take pleasure in showing that they can destroy their enemies if they want to.

Kind of like the J.R. Ewings of Buncombe. They'll swat you because they can.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis