I'm going to link to a diary on KOS that I think everyone shoulld read.

It's here http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/03/28/1197503/-Plan-for-Seniors-to-Wo...

The net is this: The Pennsylvania House has passed legislation allowing tax-burdened seniors to work off their escalating property taxes by working in area schools for "tax credits" that equate to about $5/hr. Beyond the questionable viabilty and income tax considerations of such a program, it's simply mean spirited. I guess that's what we have to expect from the GOP...mean, small-minded, bigoted and totally favoring the wealthy and corporations. Two tea-party types sponsored this bill and reading the self-congratulatory release makes me throw up. Pure bullshit.

If Karma truly exists, these people will surely meet the ebola virus.

Oh, and wait till GOP NCGA reads this..."Ewwwww, great idea!!"


What a plan!

Get slave labor for schools to justify cuts in school funding while creating a permanently poor underclass that will work for next to nothing. Profits up, costs down.

It all makes perfect sense.

Seniors that work in the school system

Is this a system to get seniors that are struggling to work in the school system or is it something that gets our seniors that are retired and want to help out our socially even if they do not get paid at all? I am not sure that seniors should even think about choosing to "work" in such a low-paying enviornment if they need money to help out in their retirement. It seems likely that this is a little stipend that gives a thank you for those that do this kind of work. But, I may be wrong here. If a senior hasn't secured his retirement, then he/she needs to be looking at better paying jobs. I don't see this as "slave labor" or anything like that. Could be wrong though.

Read it

The Pennsylvania House has passed legislation allowing tax-burdened seniors to work off their escalating property taxes by working in area schools for "tax credits" that equate to about $5/hr.

It's not a stipend or a thank you, it's basically old people working off the debt they owe to the local government. I guess it's better than losing your property because you can't pay the taxes on it, but as a "Tea Party" solution it's extremely ironic.

This is one of those "you need to read it" because if you had

you'd likely not be asking the question.

It makes me wonder if you understand that low and fixed income people are being taxed out of their homes by escalating property taxes. Some places...Cobb County GA for example...cease collecting the school tax portion of property tax after age 65 (about 2/3 of the bill). "Securing" one's retirement is a moving target. When my parents retired their saviings were earning 7-8%. I'm currently happy to be at between 3.5 and 4.5 % ROI. Thats a big deal.

When people arre put into an untenable position by government and then offered a way out that is essentially perpetual servitude, that's damn close to slavery. The 14000 pages of our tax code comes to mind as an everyday example. YOU are responsible for doing it correctly even if no one understands it...and the IRS has the power to make you an indentured servant.

Stan Bozarth

I read it, of course

I have gone to Google and Bing to find out what this is about and am having trouble finding out the true scivvy on it. Perhaps a link showing exactly what this is would be helpful. I did see and read that something is being "presented" and "considered" and so forth but, cannot find anything specific on it. Not saying it isn't there and not saying it isn't something that is being considered or being presented, just wonder about it.

If I'm a senior and cannot afford my expenses on my real estate and so forth, I probably would go elsewhere unless this was my only option save losing what I have. Not trying to be argumentative here.


Sorry, Dale. There's more than enough real bullshit to put up with these days. Indulging your anonymous fantasies really isn't worth the trouble.