UPDATE: How's it playing in the South...

So, how is the Republican Immorality Scandal playing in the South? I bring you a series of cartoons from Mike Lester of the Rome News-Tribune in Georgia. Mr. Lester has received a few emails from me over the past year(s) for his right-leaning cartoons, like this one...

Below the fold I'll show you his take on this week's events.

Okay, first just a few more of his rightish attacks on Progressives.

Okay, getting the idea? Pretty much every comic is a slight or smack to the Democratic Party or to Progressives Ideals. Today's comic?

There you go. In the south, home of the Republican Majority, they think the Republicans knew about the "pervert" and approved of his actions through their silence.

Thank you for the House.

He's back to his old self today



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