Vernon Robinson's Lies

No, I'm not planning a book and it would certainly take several hundred pages to outline all of Vernon Robinson's lies told over this election cycle. I will speak to two specific pieces - the conflagration and his most recent ad attacking Brad Miller.

Just a quick follow-up to Vernon's fundraising letter that turned out to be one big fat whiny plea for more money. It was based on an exaggeration and several lies. First, the conflagration was a massive exaggeration. Yes, there was a fire. The wonderful Jay Ovittore not only has pictures from Vernon's email, but he was fabulous enough to snag the super duper handy dandy official report from the fire department.

More on the flip...

The cab of the truck pretty badly damaged. The cargo area, though appears to be only slightly damaged. Most of that looks like it is simply soot from the fire that was in the front of the cab. In other words, he's flat out lying to the people he's trying to filch money off of. No way he has to replace that many signs. If something as delicate as bumper stickers survived the conflagration you know the signs did.

The fire report. Absolutely no mention of foul play. None. No suspicions passed on to police. Nothing. In other words, by insinuating that the Miller campaign or Democrats were responsible for the accident (sliced fuel line), Vernon Robinson has proven he has no decency, no character, no moral or Christian values. He's a liar and a cheat. He plays on the sympathies of the people on fixed incomes who receive his emails and fundraising letters and he lies to them and wants only their money in return. He then proudly delivers these mailing lists to Republicans in Washington as a sign of his generosity and fundraising prowess.

Class act there, Vern.

Now, on to Vernon's latest ad. I'm not going to show it or link to it. Robert P. posted it last week. It's so bad that Robinson was criticized on Fox News. That's saying something when Fox News turns against a Republican. It was so bad, that bothered itself to refute just about everything in the ad.

We find the ad misleading on several counts. Miller did nothing that would have denied body armor for troops. There was no connection between the National Institutes of Health studies in question and funding for body armor. And despite the misleading way the ad belittles them, the sex studies had such stated goals as slowing the spread of AIDS, understanding homosexuality and improving the lives of senior citizens as their sexual function declines.

Please go read the entire review of the ad. The ad was disgusting. I have not heard one person claiming Vernon Robinson is funny anymore. It's nice to see this respected group with a national following stand up for Brad Miller. He deserves it.

He and his wife and other wonderful members of his family do not deserve the crap that Vernon Robinson has been slinging about. Nobody does.


Vermin has always been a laughingstock

and now he's just plain pathetic . . . a parody of a parody of a lunatic pandering to the hate-filled right.

Just think about it this way: He's the best the Party of Torture could come up with in North Carolina. He's fueled Brad Miller's fundraising efforts. He's left a stench a mile wide in his wake.

In other words, he's a typical Republican politician.


“Don't tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I'll tell you what you value.”
― Joe Biden

Vern's got a wicked "Holier than Thou" attitude

So, I guess he fits right in with the "do as we say, not as we do" Party. Reminds me of someone else in the news right now. Hmmm, what was his name... Starts with an "F" I think...

Politicians are like diapers. They should be changed frequently, and for the same reasons.

Holier than thou?

Starts with an "F"?

Fred Smith!!! :-D

no? :(

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