Voter ID

The US Constitution promises citizens a guaranteed right to vote.

We have no constitutional right to buy Sudafed, or any other drug. We have no constitutionally guaranteed right to get on an airplane or drive a car. To compare voting to buying cold medicine is to belittle the Bill of Rights.

In addition, our constitution states that we are, each and everyone of us, innocent until proven guilty. Voter ID requirements say we are guilty until we can prove ourselves innocent.

That the group from the Voter Integrity Project who spoke at last week’s house hearing (I was there) repeated the same story over and over, tells us that there are not enough such ‘stories’ to go around. It tells us that voter fraud is not as rampant as some want it to be. It tells us that this bill requiring ID to vote is an excuse, not a reason. An excuse to limit voting and restrict citizen access to the polls. Our legislature is seeking to limit citizen participation in elections.

The best way to restore voter confidence in NC is to kill this bill.



Well Done - Couldn't have

Well Done - Couldn't have said it better myself.

and poll taxes are illegal, too

I would add that the registration of your car if driven by a dependent child does not establish the legal residency of that child, nor does residency determine dependence, but it does determine the legal polling place of each and every citizen, regardless of age.

What I mean is, parents who still support their voting age children, where ever those children live, in school or not, still have them as legal tax deductions. If those children drive their parent's cars, it is further proof of their legal dependence on their parents.

The children still have the legal obligation to vote in the precinct in which they actually live, and that is disconnected to qualification for their parents' legal tax deduction. To do otherwise is either an unreasonable poll tax on the parents as punishment for their children living away from home, or a constraint on the voting rights of the dependent voter.