Voter ID law hearing: listen now online

House committee discusses voter ID

The House Elections Committee hears from experts and debates a proposal to require voters to present photo identification at the polls.

video here:


I was there for a piece of it

I didn't get to stay for the whole time since I had a meeting to get to, and since I had testified at the previous hearing, but it never hurts to stand in solidarity with those who were there to speak out against voter suppression.

Since the Wake GOP seemed to get the sign up list before most of the general public, and with that online sign up filling up almost immediately even though more space was made for speakers later, it certainly seemed like they had stacked the deck. I'm glad the legislative advocacy day happened the day before this hearing at least.

But as Rev. Barber is fond of saying, it's a movement not a moment. Hearing anti-voter suppression arguments one day and pro-voter suppression arguments the next day is one thing. But persistent contact, phone calls, letters to the editor, and the like are whats needed to make sure it's more than a moment.

Group protests proposed early voting changes

Group protests proposed early voting changes
From New Bern's WCTI 12 TV

The duration of early voting in North Carolina could soon be shortened if three bills proposed in the state legislature become law.

H.B. 451, S.B. 666 and 667 all deal with changes to how early voting operates in the state.

The bills propose to shorten the duration early voting from 17 to 10 days.

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Martha Brock