Voting Rights Scandal in North Carolina

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Public boosterism in North Carolina for years has flourished as popular magazines selected North Carolina as a top choice as a place to live year after year. Now North Carolinians are seeing another side of being in the news frequently, as our state and local governments make national news--and not in a good way.

MSNBC has led the media pack with almost nightly stories of voter laws gone awry and students who have voted before being told they can no longer vote where they go to college. Rachel Maddow has excelled at getting this story before her viewers...

Read more at Daily Kos with new info specifically on Winston-Salem and WSSU and today's Board of Elections agenda.


North Carolina election officials chipping away at student vote

Also, read this from front page on Daily Kos, a second post on NC's elections boards:

North Carolina election officials chipping away at student vote

College students are one of the targets for this assault on voting rights. Efforts to curb student voting started in 1971 when 18-year-olds first got the right to vote and has continued ever since even though, for 34 years, students have, thanks to the federal appeals court decision in Symm v. U.S. had the right to vote in the communities where they attend school. North Carolina isn't alone among the states that have played various the angles to get around this. Among the methods has been the official spread of false information and scare tactics to keep students from the polls.

Under the new state law passed in the wake of the Supreme Court's gutting of a key portion of the Voting Rights Act, officials in North Carolina are now moving to undermine the student vote. You can bet that other states are watching to see how this goes.

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Martha Brock

And you can't help but notice...

...that the student vote they're attacking first happens to be at three HBCUs. Not that that's a surprise.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

It plays well to the extremist base

I've known some hardcore racists in my day. They still remember the Civil Rights protests of the sixties and don't see them as inspiring or something that was necessary to end America's Apartheid. And they still remember the peace movement and protests of the period.

They see these kids - and especially Black kids - as troublemakers.

They've built up fifty years of anger - anger that they had to attend an integrated school, anger that they have to sit in the same restaurants with Blacks, anger that we had a failure in Vietnam and a disgraced Republican President that they blame on the "liberal media".

Did you notice how Tillis and other Republicans painted the Moral Monday protestors as "old hippies" and "outsiders"?

They don't look at these college kids and see today's young adults. They see the sixties all over again, never willing to let go, move on, and accept where the world headed decades ago. While the rest of NC moved on and started looking towards the future, these people lived in a past that could never return.

Yes, they went after historically Black colleges. But they also went after App State - in their mind, a haven for nature-loving dirty peacenik "hippies".

All it took was a few people with the money and influence to tap into that fear and anger and use it to their advantage.

Harassing "liberal" college kids - and especially Black college kids - plays well with the Republican's hard-core base. It brings out deep-set feelings of fear and anger from their childhood or young adult years.

It's going to be painful for us and them, but they're going to have to be forced to accept, once and for all, that the past is gone, dead and buried.

One of the refrains I hear often...

...from friends & acquaintances and lots of folks at Moral Mondays is "We fought this battle decades ago and we won civil rights for everyone. I can not believe we have to fight this war AGAIN in 2013!"

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

Letting your guard down

Welcome to "Reconstruction II: Revenge of the Bigots".

In a sense, the fifties and sixties were a kind of "Cold" Civil War in the US, trying to sort out all the problems left by the first Civil War that had been allowed to fester for so long.

The big mistake the Left has made nationally over the past few decades is not taking the extremists seriously enough and letting their guard down.

You can't compromise with these people. They don't see life in terms of logic and reason - it's all based on emotion - and they're willing to destroy themselves and others to get what they want.

Rachel Maddow is talking to Sen. Kinnaird NOW LIVE

She is really keeping this story on the front burner at MSNBC

But Appalachian does not fit the mold of "historically black" college or university.

Her story tonight is called "By other means necessary," and she is giving a shout-out to Sen. Ellie Kinnaird.

Doing a live interview NOW with Sen. Kinnaird.

Photo from WNCN in Raleigh showing Sen. Ellie Kinnaird at interview with Rachel Maddow:

Dane Huffman ‏@DaneHuffman
State Sen. Ellie Kinnaird visits WNCN, speaks live with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC

Thank you, Rachel.

Martha Brock