Walk in. Walk out. Raise hell.

Ah those pesky teachers. Always thinking about themselves instead of their students.

Never mind that our teacher salaries are among the lowest in the nation. Never mind that they don't have money to pay for supplies and books. Disregard the fact that the resources they depend on are being stripped away to line the pockets of for-profit "educators." Ignore the ongoing war on teachers. It's a figment of your imagination.

Rumor has it that some teachers are ready to say "enough is enough." They'll be staging a "walk-in" and wearing red next Monday, pointing to both the insults and injuries coming from the General Assembly. Meanwhile, Phil Berger is crying crocodile tears about the potential risks to students of teachers on the war path.

For what it's worth, I stand with teachers. I see this walk-in as a tentative and small step that tests the waters of collective action. The response to the test will likely be nothing but condemnation by our arrogant legislators. Unless and until teachers demonstrate their power to shutdown the system, they won't get the respect they deserve.



have to be saints to make this their career choice in NC. They get those special intangible rewards of influencing so many people's lives positively, which is why so many of them hang on. But when the uncaring, public education-hating bozos in the NCGA do everything they can to starve public education and make teachers' lives almost miserable in most every other respect, including squeezing their financial "rewards" to the point of intolerability (is that a word?), I really don't know how so many teachers keep on keeping on.

Bless them, and I can hardly blame them for seeking other, friendlier places to teach or other careers where the "rewards package" is more palatable.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis