Will we send another voucher proponent to DC?

12th Congressional District Dems duke it out over private schools:

The N.C. Association of Educators, the state’s largest teachers group, has said the voucher issue was key in its endorsement of longtime state Rep. Alma Adams of Greensboro. NCAE vice president Mark Jewell says Adams has a 22-year record as a strong advocate of public education who opposes diverting public funds for private schools.

Brandon defends his support of voucher legislation. “To me it’s a justice issue,” he says. “If people in a certain community, because of their income and zip code, can have a quality education, then the people in my community deserve the same access and same opportunity.”

I'm afraid the only "justice" many of those children would see after they moved to their new school would be of a biblical nature, like being turned into a pillar of salt if you looked back at the destruction of your sin city, or how many jackasses you would owe your neighbor if you happened to kill one of his slaves. Needless to say, Marcus (and Malcolm) are wrong on this issue, and bad judgment is rarely limited to one thing.


Marcus misses

What should parents do if their children's schools are not delivering the quality they should be? They should demand and insist that the schools be fixed, that teachers get paid more, that improvements be funded. Instead, Brandon is foolishly going along with a cannibalization scheme that siphons off resources from where they're needed most.

I've seen some short-sighted thinking from the racist right over the years, but seeing it on the left is a rare and unsettling occurrence. Scratch one name off the list.