4 US Senate candidates at PDNC Convention

We are honored to announce that we will have four probable Democratic US Senate candidates for Senator Richard Burr's seat to speak at the Progressive Democrats of North Carolina's 6th Annual Convention this Saturday.

Elaine Marshall will address the convention during the opening remarks portion, and the other three candidates (Cal Cunningham, Kenneth Lewis, Mayor Kevin Foy) will address the convention at 3:45pm to 4:30pm.

Register here:


Anyone planning to attend?

We could do a BlueNC table :-)

If my personal health says yes

Thanks......will make a effort to attend...cmb

I wish I could come

This is the only meeting I've even thought about attending in a long time, but my work schedule doesn't allow it. I did send in a contribution, though, and encourage others to do the same.

Thanks, loftT, for all you're doing to keep the progressive pressure on.

Thank you James

I'm flattered that you thought about attending. I'll try to do a report here but we are having some professional coverage by Sue Sturgis who writes for Facing South www.southernstudies.org

Should be a great discussion.

Should be a great discussion. I'm glad to see so many talented folks running or considering running unlike last time when the DC folks blessed Kay.

Why is Elaine speaking at a different time from the others?

She had previous engagements

during the afternoon, but she was gracious enough to agree to a brief appearance in the morning.