NC Legislators & Governor: We Oppose the Forced Taking of Municipal Water Systems! Sign up for the fight here.

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It began well over a year ago when the representative from NC’s 116th district filed a bill that would forcibly merge the City of Asheville’s public water utility with the Metropolitan Sewerage District. He didn’t bother to tell Asheville’s elected officials about it, even though they were in his office the day before. Quickly backpedaling, the representative reformatted the seizure into a “Study Committee” process. The “Study Committee” went through the motions, ignored the opposition, and came up with a recommendation that mirrored the original seizure bill. The bill itself was filed this past Thursday, HB488. It is an outright taking, offering no compensation for loss of the asset.

The GOP started with water. They've moved on to airports and toll roads. They've raised concerns from Murphy to Manteo. Even among the Republican rank and file they've raised more than a few hackles. If this raises yours, there's more you can do with a few key strokes here Scrutiny Hooligans.


Big-government bullies

This is standard ALEC bullshit. Try to throw up roadblocks to Federal influence while also stripping power and assets away from municipalities. That way, corporations are free to move in and do whatever the hell they want to, safe in the knowledge that the people have no way to resist anymore.