Admirals for sale . . . Liddy Dole too?

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The US Navy's attempts to place an Outlying Landing Field near the Pocosin National Wildlife Refuge is a story of political intrigue and puppetry. Along the way, three of the Navy's most accomplished admirals abandoned their military missions and prostituted themselves to the Party of Greed and the Bush sadministration.

First was Robert J. Natter, who was nailed in this letter by the Albermarle Environmental Association in 2003.

At a time when reason and cool heads should prevail, we are dismayed at the Navy's latest defense of their decision to site an OLF in Washington County for Super Hornet training. Admiral Natter's campaign to sell the OLF to citizens who don't want to buy has been marked by arrogance, accusatory remarks and veiled threats.

The Admiral, who is Commander of the entire Atlantic Fleet, has told opponents that they have a responsibility to cooperate with the Navy. He has charged that opposition statements are full of distortions, errors and misrepresentations, and he has threatened protracted, expensive litigation if opponents choose to sue. In a Letter to the Editor on August 3, he called the editorial staff of The Charlotte Observer "stupid" because they wrote an editorial calling the idea of an OLF in Washington County "stupid." This Admiral who resorts to tit-for-tat name-calling will make the final recommendation to the Secretary of the Navy for basing Super Hornets.

In 2003, Admiral Natter completed a 41-year Navy career. He enlisted in the Naval Reserve at 17 and then attended the Naval Academy. Being a Naval Academy graduate myself, I appreciate the accomplishment of rising to the illustrious rank of admiral. You can't be completely stupid, and you have to kiss a lot of asses on the way to the top. Because in today's world, achieving flag rank is nothing but political theater, and Natter came to the OLF with plenty of strings attached.

Why was Natter so hot to get an outlying landing field in the first place? Well, let's use his own words in a letter he wrote in October, 2000.

It is precisely because of community concerns over jet noise that we are carefully exploring the establishment of an additional outlying field to accommodate Super Hornet training - should these aircraft come to our community - and reduce aircraft operations at our airfields at Oceana and Fentress.

The mover behind the desire to save the poor people of Virgina Beach (where Oceana is located) was Senator John Warner. Warner cut a deal with Elizabeth Dole to transfer Virginia's "noise problem" to the people of North Carolina. Now that's what I call a responsive senator . . . too bad she was responding to the people of another state.

Now fast forward to last month, where another admiral carries the torch for Warner.

Nathman, a former F-14 pilot, said the Navy must have a new outlying landing field to solve the training and fighter jet noise problems created by encroachment around Oceana and Fentress Naval Auxiliary Landing Field in Chesapeake. Homes and businesses around the two facilities have forced Navy pilots to fly different training patterns than those used to practice for aircraft carrier landings.

Hear that Senator Dole? Noise, noise, noise. It's so horrible to have noise in Virginia, but isn't it just wonderful to have it in North Carolina? How you could have sold out your home state totally boggles the mind. Oh wait, I forgot. You don't really think of North Carolina as your home state. You're just using it as a stepping stone in your sad political career. Right? I mean how else can you explain doing this deal with the devil?

In any case, there's one more admiral in the sorry saga, and he's in the news for other reasons these days. His name is Admiral Fallon, and he is currently being considered to lead the war clusterf*ck in Iraq. Admiral Fallon was the head honcho in charge of the Eastern Seaboard while the OLF was being formulated and selected in September 2003.

Jennifer, who heads the NO-OLF organization, says this about Fallon:

IT would not be too difficult to question the wisdom of the Senate and Congress in today's confirmation hearings of this man as our nation's new troop leader in Iraq. He publicly endorsed the OLF despite experts saying that due to its location Navy airmen would more than likely be killed. Not a person with whom I would trust my child.

So there you have it. Three admirals who care more about politics than about protecting the lives that have been entrusted to them. Pretty damn disgusting.


I was briefly an aide to an Admiral

in the Mediterranean because I could speak French. He was the only one I knew, and he was one arrogant son of a bitch. I guess that still must be a prerequisite for flag rank in the Navy.

Curtis Lemay

Is that the way you spell his name? My uncle was his aide for a while. Of course, he was in the Air Force. He couldn't stand him.

Lovex7 many innocent lives entrusted to these men

and they really don't seem to give a rat's patoot, do they?

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Ok, let me get this straight...

Virginia is more important than North Carolina. Whatever these Admirals want is more important than the lives of the pilots under them. No one cares about taxpayer dollars wasted (now in this ongoing fiasco and later when the planes crash due to a bird hit). Thank you Biddy Dull, another coffin nail!

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

Jet Noise

Hearing the roar of those jets makes my skin tingle...and not in a good way.

I can't imagine what it would be like to sit on my daddy's farm (yes, I'm 30 & he's still "daddy"!!) under the shed with him, trying to talk, and have to hear that roar.

I always took for granted when I was a teenager being able to sit under that shed, on the top of a picnic table and look out over the thousands of acres my daddy farms and just....think. Peace & quiet, look at the animals, & listen to the birds. If you have never visited where the Navy proposes to put this OLF, contact me. My family would be more than happy to show you the beautiful, peaceful land that the Navy desires to disturb.

Not just bad for wildlife

This proposal is not just bad for wildlife habitat, it's downright DEADLY for pilots. You can't just relocate migratory paths that have existed for who knows how many centuries. Those birds of the Pocosin National Wildlife Refuge will continue to return, no matter what anyone does.

Have you ever seen what happens when large birds get sucked into the jet intake of a Super Hornet, or any other military jet aircraft for that matter? Not pretty. Quite destructive to the aircraft, in fact, and potentially quite fatal to pilots, especially those undergoing training in an unfamiliar fighter.

It is expected that environmentalists should oppose the plan for this airfield. But the military should be equally as opposed.

Admiral competence

Comment for Anglico

Are the admirals actually as incompetent as indicated by their ridiculous manipulations to keep the master jet base at Oceana, or is there some secret agenda they intend to spring on the people that might explain them?

Incompetence seems likely when they:

Connive to maintain a master jet base in an unreasonable location; within a city and adjacent to a seashore resort.

Insist on maintaining and operating the Oceana base while it does not comply with FAA safety standards.

Modify flight operations to mollify noise complaints.

Want to build a new, quarter billion dollar outlying landing field when there are unused bases available.

Insist on an OLF site that would destroy wildlife and wildlife habitat. A site that abuses the property rights and the quality of life of civilians.

A site where bird collisions would seriously endangers the pilots, civilians and aircraft.

When one of them states that a major benefit of the OLF us that is enables sailors to buy homes in Virginia Beach

Throw money to politicians to keep them on the leash.

Considering only the foregoing it would be logical to assume that the admirals are not capable of logical decisions. However, the entire situation is too ridiculous to blame on them. There must another agenda for the OLF site or a driving force from either the Pentagon, the congress or the administration. Evidently is not for us to know.

I share that worry

There's some big bad stuff going on and We the People don't know what it is.

Thanks Dayna

I guess the reality of our brave pilots brave hitting birds and losing their lives really doesn't matter when it comes to land encroachment in Virginia.

It the people and the Navy actually cared about our boys they would have secured a safe training place for them at all costs.

The local governments of Chesapeake/Hampton Roads are the ones who discounted the Navy's concerns about encroachment.
The Navy also had authority to stop the building, but their representatives told the NoOLF at a Hyde County meeting (we have it on tape) "they will not condemn private property in Virginia". Only in North Carolina eh?

Take a minute and see who the biggest campaign contributors are to our illustrious leaders both in Virginia and NC.