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What a busy week....

I'm late getting my garden in, but I wasn't late getting the seeds started, so my house, deck and parts of the yard are home to flats of plants just waiting to find their way into the ground. I have two large gardens and will add more this year. This past week was spent clearing weeds that grew last year when I failed to get a garden in. (We were traveling during May and then the rains came and the plots were a muddy mess!) Yesterday, I put a small herb garden in for mother and cleared/tilled her large raised bed. It took all day, but she will come home from South Africa to several lovely gardens around her yard.

Today, I will finish up our herb garden and put in a second planting of asparagus. Then, I will finish digging the dock out of the main vegetable garden and get it tilled. The plan is to have all plants and seeds in by the end of the week.

As far as politics.... I ran the numbers for the 38 organized precincts in our county and created reports to make it easier for our precinct chairs and vice chairs to understand their WIN numbers and other interesting trends in their precincts. It is very time consuming since it involves downloadingseveral different lists, creating spreadsheets, filtering out data, finding the right campaigns to include and calculating the numbers. I presented the information on Thursday and was pleasantly surprised to find that most of our precinct leaders were very interested in the numbers and what it would mean to their GOTV efforts in their precincts.

This week, we will take those numbers and decide precinct by precinct where we will canvass (if we can...some are too rural) and whowe will call. Then, walk and call lists will be compiled and sent to precinct chairs.

Also, this week I finish up plans for upgrading BlueNC so Steve and James can take it for a test drive before we make the changes. I'm pretty excited!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I'm pretty excited too

We haven't had a major upgrade in years, and it shows. Looking forward to a cleaner, simpler, more inviting site.

Of course, the main thing that would make BlueNC more inviting is more participation and commentary by lurkers.

You know who you are. :)