Aldona's revolving door swings again

The grass isn't the only thing greener on the other side:

After helping to develop the governor's plan, which emphasizes the development of local doctor networks to care for Medicaid patients, Peal is going to work for a company whose lobbyists have worked on behalf of a competing measure put forward by state Senate leaders. That Senate plan would have relied more heavily on companies such as WellCare to manage the state's Medicaid population.

Mullins said the administration would continue to push for a Medicaid reform model that relies on local providers and emphasized Peal was part of a group that had developed the accountable care organization model put forward by McCrory. Mullins said Wednesday that Peal did not want to comment for this story.

I bet she didn't.



Just another greeders looking to slop at the public trough.

Unless you are a

blind, paranoid Republican/Tea Party voter in North Carolina, Medicaid will be Thom Tillis' Waterloo. Both the NCGOP and Tillis' own twitter spurts (with emphasis on running for US senate) have not addressed the debacle that currently resides in North Carolina; a failure to accept federal funds or an intense battle (on the part of Republicans) to fix the current DHHS Medicaid problem.

There are more middle class and poor registered voters in NC than wealthy Republican suck-ups. Take note.