Amazing secret to deficit woes revealed!

Dr. Phil must be genetically incapable of recognizing the color orange.

Ice Berger and the USS North Carolina.


Three Stooges, the sequel

Thom, Skip & Phil

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Art Pope

They're not stupid

I get that these are smart people. That's what's so scary. They're on a messianic mission to shrink government. And the only weapon they have is nuclear. They don't mind destroying whatever happens to show up along the way. Just like Bush did in Iraq, the NCGOP is doing to North Carolina. Blow everything to hell and leave it for someone else to clean up after them.

Their bomb is the sudden dismantling of infrastructure based on the hope that more freedom for businesses will be good for everybody. And that would be true except for one things. Businesses destroy things that can't be repaired. The quality of a river, let's say. And they profit from it, We're literally willing to poison our environment in exchange for profits. How fucked up it that?

In my book, it's criminal. These guys are thugs.

At the very least, the people who profit from this transfer of risk to the public should pay a hell of a lot more than every one else. (My own view is that individuals should pay personally, and that corporate taxes should be eliminated, along with corporate person hood.)

If you say something enough,

people will believe it. NC Republicans back in 1941 probably blamed their Democratic colleagues for the Pearl Harbor attack.