Asheville water system up for grabs

We know that the [NC General Assembly's] Regulatory Reform Committee will shortly receive a draft bill to take our water system from the city of Asheville and merge it with the operation of the Metropolitan Sewerage District.

I would like to speak out on the need, if this must proceed, to provide just compensation to the city based on the same equitable principles used by our founders.

The American Constitution is clear in requiring just compensation whenever the government takes private property. It is an indisputable and a cardinal creed.."

read more at the Asheville Citizen-Times site here:

I am passing along these opinion pieces, because many of us see this attempt to privatize the Asheville Water System as a possible precedent for such action across the state affecting many other water supplies.



This is what happens when you elect a teaidiot like Tim Moffit. Another one of NC GOTPers, who to paraphrase Hunter Thompson, "Can shake your hand and stab you in the back at the same time."

David Esmay