The best little whorehouse in North Carolina

In our brave new world of Republican extremism in North Carolina, insults to decency come fast and furious. But even still, I couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry when I read this post by Lynn Bonner Under the Dome yesterday.

Americans for Prosperity is preparing a campaign to sell the public on the legislature's plan to change the tax code. AFP representatives and Lt. Gov. Dan Forest will announce the effort at a Tuesday news conference, said AFP state executive director Dallas Woodhouse. The legislature has not presented a detailed plan, though legislators have outlined general principles ... a role for Forest has not been defined, Woodhouse said.

No careful observer of Art Pope's corporate takeover in North Carolina will find the article surprising. But it is worth understanding the story behind the story.

  • Dallas Woodhouse has long been one of Art Pope's most reliable attack dogs, short leash and all.
  • Even though he's the state budget director and a state employee, Pope's family foundation is the major source of funding for Woodhouse and his campaign to influence public policy.
  • At the press conference today, Woodhouse will be saying exactly what Pope wants him to say: enthusiastically promoting a plan to change the tax code, even though that plan does not yet exist.
  • Woodhouse will be scripting remarks for Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, who apparently doesn't have the brains god gave an animal cracker.
  • And, of course, AFP will be deciding which of the many available beds Dan Forest will occupy in the best little whorehouse in North Carolina.


God or god?

"Woodhouse will be scripting remarks for Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, who apparently doesn't have the brains god gave an animal cracker."

I know this will make me sound like a Republican (gasp) but it's common practice to capitalize the first letter of the word God, at least in the context of the above expression of speech.

I'm just saying.

Maybe if one were a

Maybe if one were a delusional psychotic and believed that such a beast existed they might be inclined to capitalize it.
Myself there isn't a "g" small enough on my keyboard.

Out of respect

for all the different gods who are embraced by so many different faiths in America, I tend to use the lower case ... thus avoiding the presumption that any particular god warrants more or less reverence than all the others.

More to the point, I'm not aware of any grammatical convention that calls for capitalizing "god" in the context of animal crackers.