Breaking: McCrory to shutter NC law schools

CHAPEL HILL, NC - Deputy Assistant Governor Pat McCrory today took his attacks on public education to a new low, insisting that there is no longer a need for law schools in North Carolina universities.

"According to the New York Times, a flaming liberal newspaper, law school graduates can't find jobs. As a result, enrollment is sliding downhill faster than Tom Tillis' beer belly," McCrory told reporters this morning. "The fact is, hard-earned taxpayer dollars should not be going to support a bunch of pansy-assed lawyers whose profession in decline. I have directed my staff to eliminate all funding for legal education in public colleges."


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The saddest thing

Because of this post on Facebook and Twitter, people all around the country have written me today to say that I should get the hell out of this shitty state.

The fact that they believe this sort of thing is possible in North Carolina is a very sad commentary on how our state is seen by millions of people from afar.

Nice going, McCrory. You couldn't fuck up this much if you tried.

This is actually not the

This is actually not the worst idea.... if only they could shut down some of the private law schools instead.....