Breaking: NC voucher scheme ruled unconstitutional

The challengers have described the program as a broad assault on the state’s public schools. They also contend it violates fundamental provisions of the state constitution. Hobgood agreed Thursday that the program also violates the state constitution.

The state received more than 5,500 applications for vouchers before a February ruling in which Hobgood froze distribution of the funds. Hobgood said that he had heard enough evidence to question the constitutionality and allowed the lawsuit to proceed despite requests for a dismissal.


Good news, bad news

The good news is that Judge Hobgood's ruling is firm and clear, and he has issued a permanent injunction against dispersing any voucher funds and denied a stay of his ruling.

The bad news is that our fearless fearful Attorney General has announced plans to appeal the ruling, and the NC Supreme Court, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican party, already overrruled Judge Hobgood once on this matter.

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