Buncombe Water War Heats Up -- The Townsfolk Fight Back

Last night, Asheville City Council passed a unanimous resolution opposing Raleigh's looming legislative seizure of the local water system.

The resolution says council “remains convinced that local solution arrived at by an open, collaborative process is preferable to a legislative directed disposition of municipal assets.”

“The forced taking of … local government infrastructure sets a dangerous precedent in the state of North Carolina, a precedent that will have a chilling effect on any local government investing in needed infrastructure in the future,” it reads.

For more on the water drama, read Raleigh's water rustlers, or, isn't It a Shane?



will be the canary in the Republican coal mine.

Time was, Chapel Hill would be the bastion of subversion in resisting the Raleigh overlords. Now we're mostly a sold-out suburb of Cary.

Keep up the good fight.