Chad Nance (Camel City Dispatch) calls out Bob Rucho

I love the smell of righteous indignation in the morning. And the afternoon too.

You’re a two-bit hustler that would sell snake-oil to his dying mother. A cheap carpet-bagger from New York with a greasy suit, Mafioso hair, and without a shred of common decency.

We get it Rucho. We are the kind of people you don’t notice or want to deal with on a daily basis. You like to spend your time with cynical politicians, cash money donors, and the kind of ideologues you’ve been able to con into believing your unmitigated crap. I grew up priming tobacco in the Summer sun and feeding cows and hogs in Stokes County. I’ve been around enough barns to know horse shit when I smell it.


Go read the letter

It's a thing of beauty.

Thanks Mr. Nance

For putting into words every thought I have had, and every impulse to pick up a baseball bat or stick of rebar and wrap it around the heads of every "business friendly" GOP in the NCGA for the last year.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

(When the mandatory gay marriage law kicks in, I choose Chad Nance) ;)


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

Bob is everywhere!


Rucho’s comparison likens the Affordable Care Act to symbols of extreme political dictatorships and acts violence. The Nazis and Soviets were behind some of the most oppressive political regimes of the last century, and contributed to the deaths of millions upon millions of people. The fear and senseless violence wielded in acts of terror have forever changed American foreign policy. By comparison, Obamacare would insure nearly 40 million Americans who currently do not have health insurance, provide coverage for pre-existing conditions, and lower premiums by as much as $2,500.

[the Charlotte Observer also notes] MSNBC’s Chris Matthews mentioned it on “Hardball” during a segment he called “Sideshows.”

Charlotte Observer (multiple times)

[GOP state senator Jeff Tarte said] “Obviously it’s way over the line, and you can’t compare affordable care and policies of the other party to millions and millions of deaths …Anybody that’s a human being on the planet is probably offended by it.”

Rucho’s tweet became the buzz of stories from Boston to Sacramento Monday. It lit up Twitter and provided fodder for the blogosphere.

[emphasis mine]

Boston Herald

The North Carolina Republican Party chairman says GOP state Sen. Bob Rucho should apologize for a Twitter comment in which he compared the Affordable Care Act with Nazis and terrorists.

WRAL (good reporting Binker)

the references in his tweet are loaded. In Internet discussion forums, references to Nazi atrocities is viewed as particularly vitriolic, not least because Nazi Germany killed millions of Jews and others and was the instigator in World War II.

Washington Post

[GOP]Chairman Claude Pope in a statement Monday called Rucho’s tweet “highly offensive.”

Goodness, there are more than 80 of these. Others include Kansas City Star, UPI, WBTV, WCNC, News & Observer, WSOC, WTVD, WTVQ, Greensboro News & Record, Salon, Daily Beast, Progressive Pulse, Charlotte Business Journal and many others.

Suffice it to say that much of American now knows what a totally twisted right-wing extremist nut job Bob Rucho is.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014