Chris Fitzsimon on the Dix decision: Bold and visionary

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It’s a statement about these political times that the proposal, bold though it is, has prompted such a strong and bitter reaction from the politicians on the Right and the Tea Party groups that support them, all funded by the same ideological and well-heeled interests.

The most common description of the Council of State decision by the Right is “taxpayer betrayal,” which is a tough one to understand since the land remains in public lands and will be leased to the City of Raleigh.

Taxpayers are not being betrayed at all. They are being protected. And so is the land.

Poor Phil Berger. He's always scrambled to take some of the spotlight from Art Pope and Tommy Tillis, but now he also has to contend with Pat McCrory and his Magnificent Presence.

Talk about irrelevant.

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger blasted the decision to approve the lease of the Dix land to the City of Raleigh as “giving a valuable asset to a chosen few.”

That doesn’t make any sense either. Keeping the land in public hands makes it available to everybody. Selling it off gives it to the chosen few, the ones with the money to buy it, the same ones often that fund the campaigns of many of the politicians now pounding their chests.

Berger also pledged to explore ways to terminate the lease and got in the now tiresome shots at Perdue personally, sounding all the more like a desperate politician who knows his time in the limelight will soon be diminished after Gov-elect McCrory is sworn in and becomes the most powerful Republican in Raleigh.

The only thing wrong with Chris' analysis is that last line. Art Pope is the most powerful Republican in Raleigh. Pat McCrory is just another one of his puppies.


Speaking of Bergers

A few oldies but goodies ...

Plus an updated version of Berger berger. It's very sad to have been right all along about these clowns.