Coal ash chronicles continue: Cancer hits Dukeville

An ironic name for a community under siege.

Watch this all the way through. When the Duke Energy spokeswoman comes on, you'll find yourself recalling decades of tobacco "experts" claiming there's no evidence between smoking and cancer. One of these days, Erin Culbert will look back on her performance in this video and wonder how she could have prostituted herself so brazenly. I guess Duke Energy always gets what it pays for.


Frightening and disgusting

I also find myself wondering if the Dan River spill wasn't actually a blessing in disguise. I know that sounds crazy, but prior to the spill, the various coal ash sites scattered around the state garnered very little attention from the media and (it seems) from DENR and other agencies supposedly responsible for our safety and health.

The general public has learned more about these ticking time-bombs in the last four months than we learned over the last four decades, and that's just plain crazy.