Commerce's shadow man whines about open government laws

Try to wrap your mind around this argument:

Richard Lindenmuth, the head of the proposed public-private Partnership for North Carolina, told the Triangle Business Journal that Texas had an advantage over North Carolina when it came to wooing Toyota officials because of public record laws.

“Why would a CEO ever let us know where they are looking if they are subject to public records,” Lindenmuth said, according to an interview with the Triangle Business Journal. ”Texas knew, but we didn’t. We can’t even have an open, frank discussion about everything.” It’s unclear what Lindenmuth meant by his comments. A call requesting comment from the state’s commerce department was not immediately returned.

That's because they're probably still sitting there with a WTF? look on their faces. Here's a little reminder, Dick: if you want to slop at the public trough, we get to watch to make sure you don't gobble up so much there's nothing left for the other critters. Sheesh. If the discussions you're wanting to have are the ones that will only be heard by a handful of wealthy private-sector moguls, then we shouldn't trust you with a dime of public money.



Fits right in with the rest of the McCrory clan.


Texas probably offered up a trifecta for which NC could only wish. Always an excuse.