Congressman Heath Shuler's First Week in Congress Culminates in a Leadership Position

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Deputy At-Large Whip, to be exact. This does not mean that a newly deputized Shuler will wield an enormous bullwhip. It's an invitation for our freshman Congressman into Democratic Party leadership.

From the Shuler office:

"Representative Heath Shuler announced today that he has been chosen to serve as a Deputy At-Large Whip in the 110th Congress by House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn (D-SC). In his leadership role, Rep. Shuler will play a key role in helping pass legislation important to America's working families.

"The agenda I will be advancing as a Deputy At-Large Whip will be pro-family, pro-American worker, and pro-energy independence. I will use this leadership position to make certain that the moderate, common sense views of the people of the 11th District are heard loud and clear here in Congress."

Majority Whip Jim Clyburn said of adding Shuler to his whip team, "When I visited Heath Shuler this fall in North Carolina I saw in him the leadership and dedication needed for an effective whip organization. But even more important is the perspective he brings to our Caucus and to my leadership team."

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingShuler's position will task him with gathering support for proposed legislation.

If Heath's first hundred hours are indicative of the rest of his term, then we can expect to see a conservative when it comes to budget and social issues, a populist on issues of labor, education, health care and the environment, and a play-it-down-the-middle moderate on the war in Iraq.


(Parenthetical Addendum: Congressman Heath Shuler a.k.a. Deputy Whip Largely will officially open his Asheville office tomorrow from 1-3pm. All are welcome. Shuler's office at 356 Biltmore in a brown brick building just before the hospital if you're coming south from downtown across from Choctaw Street.)


Nice one, Screwy

Maybe see you Saturday.

2 sides

Given what it takes to be a good qb, this is a great role for him.
More importantly though, it allows him to both ensure that he isnt strongarmed, and that conservative Democrats get a voice.
Expanding the leadership to include those from all ends of our caucus is good for our members that need to be protected, good for the country, and good for the length of our majority.

"Keep the Faith"

Glad to see this

and glad to see Heath blogging at C-T. I won't agree with some of his stands, but he's listening and growing. This should be good.

Now we just need to find out what he means by family - and whether being pro one kind of family can be done without being anti some other kind of family.

Equality for all should pretty much cover that.

This helps swallow the stem cell funding pill a bit

I am still upset that he voted against the stem cell funding. Maybe he can redeem himself when they try to overide Bush's veto.