Countering Voter ID

Instead of spending money to try to fight the General Assembly on Voter ID, let's try another tactic.

Why don't we put our effort (and money) together to make sure every eligible voter not only has ID, but shows up to vote on Election Day? Not that I have a ton of money, but it seems to me that groups concerned about this can raise the funds and organize to make sure this is advertised, organized, and executed. Perhaps the OFA organization might take this on as an integral part of advancing the Democratic Party agenda.

Just my two cents.


Great minds

There was post by Gary Pearce at TAP last week that shared a similar thought. Take a look, and be sure to read the comments. Some more discussion here.

Anyone who argues that Voter ID is not first and foremost a voter suppression tactic is a liar and a fool. That said, it's going to pass because Republican's know don't win when more people vote. They will lie and shuck and jive to do whatever they can to keep control, even if it means trashing democracy.

There will be litigation for sure, challenging the new law as unconstitutional in North Carolina. But with the Supreme Court having been well and fully bought by Art Pope, it will be a long and winding road through the judicial system, with no guaranteed outcome.

In the meantime, the only winning approach is the one you outlined. A full court press on registration for the next two years ... hand-to-hand combat on the streets.