DAG McCrory: 49 pages of voter suppression too much to read

But he's going to sign it anyway:

An Associated Press reporter asked the Republican governor how three particular provisions of the bill would help prevent voter fraud — ending same-day voter registration, trimming the period for early voting by a week and eliminating a program that encourages high school students to register to vote in advance of their 18th birthdays.

"I don't know enough, I'm sorry, I haven't seen that part of the bill," McCrory replied.

Sorry is right. The section in question is right around the halfway point in the bill. Which means, if the Deputy Assistant Governor read this in the normal fashion (if he read it at all), he left over half the bill unread. And apparently he needs to study up on election laws:

"There is plenty of opportunity for voter registration — online, offline, through many methods," McCrory said. "I thought that was a fair system before and I think it is a fair system now."

North Carolina has never allowed voters to register online, though they can download a form and print it out.

We are well and truly screwed. When the Governor doesn't even know what rights we already have, he won't know when they're being taken away. If he even cares, that is.



If anyone can think of one good reason a person would want to be governor of North Carolina these days, I'd love to hear it. Because all I see is a mess. Our General Assembly is out of control. Our schools and infrastructure are falling apart. And our governor is a clueless fool.

I may not be perfect, but I'll tell you one thing. I could do better with my eyes closed. Anyone reading this probably could too.

Our Governor

McCrory is now the poster boy for Willful Ignorance....

LTE regarding omnibus elections bill, 2013

Letter to the Editor
Raleigh N&O: July 25, 2013

Rarely has any bill as blatantly partisan as H589 been passed by the NC legislature.

I was listening in to a live broadcast of Sen. Bob Rucho’s summation remarks just before the final party-line vote. Rucho attacked Sen. Josh Stein’s statistics and Sen. Martin Nesbitt’s warnings about the impact on the bill, particularly for the poor, the disabled, and for minority voters. After several sarcastic replies, he ended by saying, "This is a very good, common sense bill ...to restore the honesty and integrity of the election system…”

If the Republicans were truly seeking to preserve “the integrity of the election system,” would they have used this bill to repeal North Carolina’s “Stand by your Ad” election law provision? Would they have included in H589 a provision to allow an unlimited flow of funds from corporations in some instances?

No, as the small minority of Democrats in the Senate correctly pointed out, this bill is about protecting the Republicans’ majorities in the NC Senate and the NC House.

When you are standing in long lines on Election Day 2014, remember who made this inconvenience possible--and all to the purpose of suppressing Democratic voters in any way possible.
This letter--so far unpublished--was also sent to Gov. Pat McCrory, Speaker of the House Thom Tillis, and several legislators.

Martha Brock

Empty Suit

DAG McCrony proclaimed that he would sign the Voter Suppression bill before he even read it. He doesn't even know what's in the bills he's signing.

Probably because he's still working on "See Spot run".

Even the misinformed people who voted for him must know by now that he's simply an empty-suit puppet.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014