DAG McCrory throws 81,000 unemployed under the bus

And deals a blow to the state's economy in the process:

At present, about 81,000 people are receiving those benefits, which bring about $100 million into the state's economy every month. Despite that impact, House and Senate leaders say they won't delay the overhaul. McCrory said he won't delay it, either. "I refuse to let us continue to live off of a credit card. We're going to pay off the credit card. We're going to change the rules and policies," he said.

You mean, you refuse to let families of the unemployed live off a credit card. And when those home foreclosure notices start rolling in, where will McCrory and other Republican leaders be? Probably at some fundraising function in a McMansion or four-star restaurant, talking about how people "need to live within their means." They couldn't be more removed from reality if they tried.


McCrory and Unemployment

I suppose he was just waiting to stick it to the poor people. He is not offering any of those state jobs to those unemployed. I have applied for more than 200 state jobs in the past year and only had one interview in November 2012 and they don't have an approval to fill the position.

I have three degrees and a wealth of experience in business. I bet none of the family members of republicans are on unemployment. Well this is good for those of you who voted for him, maybe you will wake up in four years.