DAG McCrory's newest trick: Diana Lightfoot

Just when you thought Deputy Assistant Governor Pat McCrory couldn't surround himself with any more incompetence, we hear that his newly named chief of Pre-K is ... you guessed it ... against Pre-K! I know it's mind-boggling, and some will object to my characterization of Lightfoot as a cheap whore, but what else can you call a person who's pulling in a government salary for doing nothing but undermining the
institution she's hired to lead?

PS I received a swarm of screenshots of Lightfoot's recent Twitter posts, but can't figure out how to post them yet. Once I get them up, be prepared for whatever low opinions you have of this clown to sink even lower.


Should have left it as it was

Should have left it as it was James. After all, if you are getting paid to fuck people...

And there's this


Hours after becoming the focus of media attention, the state's new director of early childhood development has deleted her overtly political - and sometimes derogatory - Twitter account.

In postings on her "ChinaLight44" Twitter account, Lightfoot calls Hillary Clinton one of Obama's "Butch bunch," and apparently suggests that the massive Japan earthquake of March 14, 2011, may have been caused by ultrasonic waves from neighboring China or North Korea.

Lightfoot's Facebook account follows the same line, protesting Chick-Fil-A's agreement to stop funding anti-gay groups as "sad and ridiculous," and calling pro-gay protestors "anti-freedom-of-speech bigots," the "Chicago Mob," and "bullies."

Haha, spending huge sums of money to lobby to restrict others rights counts as free speech rather than bullying, but calling out all that discriminatory lobbying counts as bigoted bullying rather than free speech. Got it.