Dallas Woodhouse forms his own propaganda machine

Seeking to cash in on the river of right-wing money flowing into NC:

Dallas Woodhouse, the sometimes fiery former director of the state chapter of Americans for Prosperity, is launching a political nonprofit organization to bolster the conservative tide in North Carolina.
Woodhouse will announce on Monday that he has formed Carolina Rising to support free market, education and government reform policies.

“Right now North Carolina is witness to an astounding set of economic trends,” Woodhouse said in statement that will be issued Monday. “Our unemployment rate is falling faster than any other state, and our business competitiveness ranking is skyrocketing. At Carolina Rising, our goal is simple: Make sure those trends continue and North Carolina’s economy continues to grow.” Woodhouse said the organization will counter attempts by “proponents of big government” and the “increasingly radical political agenda of the liberal left.”

Pot, meet kettle. Seriously dude, your "free market, education and government reform policies" are the epitome of radical, using unproven theories and rhetorical devices to tear down and reconstruct the fabric of our public policy. And it's not working. In fact, people like you are having to bend the truth backwards in your efforts to claim success. But go right ahead, I look forward to exposing your stupidity.


My response:

You want radical? Radical is cutting off tens of thousands of North Carolinians from the safety net, forcing cities and towns to allow concealed weapons carriers into bars and public parks, driving teachers away by the hundreds while throwing taxpayer money at schools whose qualifications are dubious at best, strangling DENR until it chokes and then turning it into a "customer service" operation instead of an environmental protector, targeting women's health clinics one by one in an effort to do and end-run around Roe v Wade, and the list goes on and on.

We need a new definition for radical since the GOP took over. The old one just doesn't cover it.

Eh. That doesn't have as much "gotcha" as it felt like when it was in my head. It's Monday...

And another response

You want "proponents of big government"? Big government is imposing your own personal and religious views on every citizen through the force of law. Like all but banning abortions and forcing women's clinics to shut down. Refusing contraception to large populations. Not allowing people in love to get married. Not allowing people who've grown apart to get divorced. Trying to impose a state religion. And let's not forget making sure that women keep themselves covered up.

We need to recognize who the control-freak, nanny-state big-government proponents are. And we need a new definition for hypocrisy since the GOP took over. The old one just isn't strong enough.

P.S. Your response looks awfully good to us, James.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

"Free Market"

I always enjoy asking those "Free Marketers" to give me a brief history of the free market as it's been applied world-wide in the history of mankind.

It gets interesting....

Bus driver

Dog catcher
Snake oil salesman
So many names, so many ways for a loser to make a buck.

There's only one thing you need to know about Dallas Woodhouse. Five years ago, he took offense at my characterization of him being on Art Pope's short leash. In fact, he took so much offense that he called my home and threatened me. Read all about it, right here.