Dear Senator Dole

I read in the Charlotte Observer today that you have done something remarkable. Jim Morrill reports that you have taken a stand.

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This encouraging sign brings me to this request:

Senator Dole: Will you join us in taking a stand against the OLF at Site C?

The fact is, you are the only person who can stop this train dead in its tracks right now. I'll even write the script for your remarks:


Today I announce that I am withdrawing my support for the Navy's Outlying Landing Field at Site C in Washington County.

A few years ago, I was willing to believe that the Navy had thought all this through. I supported their plans because I support my country and I am committed to maintaining our military in top fighting shape.

But I was wrong on this issue. And Site C is the wrong place for this training facility.

The Navy has misrepresented the dangers to our pilots, the threats to family farmers and the risks to the environment in North Carolina. After studying this issue deeply and talking with people all across our state, it's clear to me that we cannot allow an Outlying Landing Field on Site C.

I hope we can find another place in North Carolina to carry out this mission. I will work with Congressman Jones, in particular, to see if we can come up with a good alternative. And I hope my Democratic colleagues in the Senate will join me in doing the right thing.

Thank you.


Ill just go ahead

And answer for the esteemed Senator
Thanks Pam

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"

Go ahead and do it.

It takes 60 seconds. Just paste the link into the message block on the form. Say, "I hope you'll help," or something else short and sweet.

it's possible that by blocking this toothless resolution

Dole may actually be keeping the discussion and unrest at a higher level than if the resolution passes.

Anyway...I sent the email about the OLF. I've already bombarded her.

Good job, Anglico.

Stan Bozarth

GOP'ers who are with the Dems and the rest of the US on this one

Isn't it odd that the GOP members who are on the side of the Dems, are also the ones who either have an upcoming election in '08, or are from a swing district.

Looks like they did internal polls, and found out that Americans want logic involved on decision-making for this bill.

As far as Dole goes, it seems strange that a few key people from her old campaign are already jumping ship to other campaigns. (tells me she's a decoy, and is not gonna run in '08)

I think the National GOP is or will be asking GOP officer holders in all contested Senate seats up for grabs in 2008 to vote with not sending more troops. Pretty slick, now that they realize that they don't have the votes in the Senate to support the bill.

And all of the voters who disagree with the job ratings of the current president, will forget the GOP as a whole, and blame a person who can never run again... as the 08 election rolls around

How can we educate the voters on their campaign tactics.

It is unbelievable that Mrs. Dole has

actually made a stand for something.

Her normal line is there is a process in place and we need to let the process run its course before making a decision. We cannot make a decision before the process has completed. OOO wait folks, Mrs. Dole actually did make a decision sometime in 2000 with this OLF, she and Mr. Werner, of that commonwealth above us, made a decision to disregard the livelyhood of an entire region for the people of Hampton Roads.

Mrs. Dole, pls, oooo pls give me a reason to call you senator. For you see, my senator would actually listen to me, and to my friends and ooo by the way your constituants, and would have put a stop to this OLF along time ago. No process should have ever even started with this OLF.

However, Im glad to see you have actually started down that tough road of performing your job in support of the people of NORTH CAROLINA. Take another step on that road. Good job Mrs. Dole on making a stand on something. Maybe, just maybe, you will perform your job well enough that you just might get my vote in 2008.

Mrs. Dole, please read the FEIS and supporting documentation, you dont even have to read the whole thing, just the executive summary where it states that for Alt 6, (the one you and Mr. Warner, Werner, whatever his name is agreed to back in 2000) to split site these Super Hornets with 8 to Oceana and 2 to Cherry Point (20 aircraft) does not NEED a second OLF. The Navy has stated its not needed, you should be fighting for us to say, keep the noise in Virginia. You should be fighting for the 2 squadrons for Cherry Point to assist our neighbors in Virginia, IF the folks around Cherry Point and Rep Jones and Butterfield confirmed that they want it. Dont assume the people around Cherry Point want this squadrons, ask them. OOO, BTW, have you asked any of the 5 Counties that are targeted for this OLF if they want it? We all know the folks in Washington Beaufort County dont want it. The folks of Perquimans County dont want it. What county of the 3 remaining do want it? Ill give u a hint, NONE of them want it.

Mrs. Dole, Senator Burr, Rep Jones and Rep Butterfield, Governer Easly, why is it that birds in this state have more rights then the people who live here do? If it was not for the Tundra swans, snow geese and red wolfs, most of you would have rolled out the red carpet already for the noise, and used the backs of the people of NE North Carolina as a stepping stone to get out of your vehicales to embrace the Navy.

I just wonder Mrs. Dole if you even know the other 3 sites? I mean, please make some kind of comment on this OLF. 6 years is plenty of time for you to figure out that this is a bad thing.

Please all that read my comments. I lived in Virginia Beach in the 1990s when all the fighting to get the planes from Cecil Field to Oceana was happening. I was amazed at what the local and state officials where saying. They mentioned numerious times that the noise would not be that big of a factor. The local politicians wanted the money that came with those planes, as well as the acolades for their next election campaign to say we got xxxx jobs to the community. The Navy also was weighing in on the merger stating that it would be smart and benificial to combine and single site all the Navy F-18 in one place as a synergistic approach to managing the East Coast fighter squadrons. And within 6 years of this synergistic approach the Navy is wanting to split site these same aircraft? This is a travisty. This is a waste of Navy assets, abuse of power by the Admirals and truely only a political power game. I support the military and the Navy. If the Navy could prove a NEED for this second OLF, I would not be posting here. I would be supporting the decision (but not the method) of this second OLF. What the Navy has shown me is poor documentation, ram-rod tactics, and school yard bullying. This is our yard, and we are happy with how it looks. Navy, take your ball and go back to Virginia where you belong.

No where has the Navy proven anything other then its not needed. Period. Navy and Virgina, you have a marrage that has been festering for way to long. Keep your problems to yourselfs and work out your problems amongest yourselfs. We of NE North Carolina do not need to be involved in your collective inability to support and defend the Navy in protecting this nation.

This is purely a political decision to again make folks look good for their next election campaign. Mr. Warner wants to show the people of Hampton Roads that he helped reduce the noise and Mrs. Dole wants to show that she created all these new jobs. BTW, Mrs. Dole, the new jobs going to Cherry Point, how many new jobs are going to be created for Cherry Point that the people of Cherry Point will be able to fill? You cannot count the Sailors and Officers of the squadrons, you cannot count the support people. You almost cannot count the technicians as the probablity that anyone around Cherry Point can fill those jobs is negligable. Your giving the people of Cherry Point jobs that are all along the line of janitor, housekeeper, general laborer (I have to admit here that this is an assumption on my part, so please accept that).

The local government of Virginia Beach has actually placed a middle and elementary school (Corprate Landing) directly at the extreme edge of the APZ2 (accident potential zone 2) of one of the bussiest flight paths at Oceana. These schools opened in mid 1990s. So the local politicians of Virginia Beach dont care about their own children. What makes you think they will care to support the Navy on encroachment issues when they have already stated that they will not condem or eminent domain any property to curb encroachment issues around Oceana? The local government around Virginia Beach is about money, greed and power. Corporate Landing is prove of that. Concern for the well being of a person or entity is not. At least once a week the Virginia Pilot newspaper has had a new multi-million dollar development project being proposed within the 65 dB DNL contour. Now that the threat of removing the planes from Oceana appears to be gone, dont be suprised when the Navy's concerns about continued encroachment is again realized.

Until the encroachment issues around Oceana and Fentress are corrected, and the "fidelity issues" for training has been resolved, we of North Carolina need to stay out of this process. Let those two entities fix their collective problem. When they do, it will be shown correctly that this second OLF is not needed. Either the encroachment issues will be gone and the fidelity of training will support the young pilots or the planes will be gone, either way, this second OLF will only cause grief for North Carolina and not fix the problems encountered today and in the future around Oceana and Fentress.