Dix 306

For those of you who live near Raleigh, or have driven here lately, you have probably seen some green signs popping up. These signs say "Dix 306" and little more. Well, what are they?

The sign movement grows out of the 306 acres that are currently a part of the park. They are a "member orginization" of the Friends of Dix Park, who have the mission statement of:

The purpose of the Friends of Dorothea Dix Park is to promote the establishment and support of a "World Class Destination Park" in North Carolina's Capital City on the Dorothea Dix campus, saving the existing open space and preserving the historically significant buildings.

The Independent Weekly had this to say

If you like those "Dix 306" signs blossoming all over Raleigh, you'll love Peter Zambito, the sign king. Dix306, an offshoot of "Friends of Dorothea Dix Park," wants the entire 306-acre Dorothea Dix hospital property to become "Raleigh's Central Park" (with none sold off for development). They've got 2,000 of the green signs up so far, with more on order. With each new sign posted, his job has gotten easier, says Zambito, who spends his days researching land use at UNC-Chapel Hill. Now, instead of needing to talk homeowners into a sign when he comes to their door, they want to know why he hasn't come sooner. It's the mother of all sign campaigns. Sign up for your own sign at www.dix306.org.

That quote is from over 2 weeks ago. I have seen tons of signs since then, and will be adding to it.

I hope that if you live in Wake County that you get a sign, and if you dont live in Wake County I hope that (assuming you have any time) visit these sites, send an email, etc. By the way, State Senator Cowell has been a huge help in this from what I have seen, so send her some thanks if you get a chance.



Thanks, Blue. This is a great example of grass roots creativity setting the agenda and the terms of the debate.

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Im curious as to how many signs they actually

have put out. 2000 is a good amount, considering they probably arent leaving Raleigh, but I bet they have put double that out in the last few weeks. These things are popping up everywhere.

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