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Our non-representative elected officials do nothing again.

You can read it here.

Elizabeth Dole says: "At this point, it's a matter of the process," Dole said. "We still need to get answers to the questions."

I ask: 'What questions are you not getting answers for, Ms. Dole?'

The state of North Carolina is overwhelmingly opposed to this OLF, what more do you need to know? Do you not represent us in Washington? Then pray tell, who is it that you're representing up there?

Inquiring minds demand to know.

Senator Burr says: Said Burr, "I don't think it's a member of Congress' role to tell the Navy where or where not to place something."

I would ask him: 'Then what exactly is your role? What do you think you were elected to do up there in Washington if not represent the people of North Carolina?'

Folks, it's time for a change. (Way past time if you ask me) These people are not representing 'we the people'. I urge you to call, write, and fax them and ask them straight out: Who is it that you're representing?

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I just saw that on

Can you believe it? They are afraid to take a stand? Does Dole not realize that it is the people of this state that would re-elect her and not the Navy? (Not that I would voter for her EVER!) :)

I simply can't believe this.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Hail Ceasar and his Imperial Navy!

Said Burr, "I don't think it's a member of Congress' role to tell the Navy where or where not to place something."* Dumb suck up military dickless tator from North Carolina

Fool! It appears that he never understood that the Constitution makes sure that the citizens run the government and not by a military Legion of professional train killers.

Mr. Burr

I really think you need to read OPNAVINST 11010.36B. Here is a quote from that insignificant document
From Pg 4

Each installation’s AICUZ program implementation must be a continuous effort. Local command representatives should continually work toward achieving compatibility between the air installation and its neighboring communities, primarily through local land use controls. Land use controls outside the air installation, which are critical to limiting the number of people exposed to excessive noise and the potential for accidents, are under the exclusive control of State and local governments, and local commands should act only in an informational role. Land acquisition may be considered only in critical situations where State and local governments are unwilling or unable to enact land use controls to achieve land use compatibility within the AICUZ. Land acquisition, for which Congressional authorization is normally required, will usually involve undeveloped land.

Senator Burr says: Said Burr, "I don't think it's a member of Congress' role to tell the Navy where or where not to place something."

Mr. Burr, HOUSES are being taken by your inability to take a stand. Churches, business, all these things are developed there right now.

So yes it is your duty, obligation and role to tell where the Navy can and cannot build, espically when the Navy is not following their own documentation and instructions fairly across the several states. Thats an old colonial term that real senators who cared about their people used.

Mr. Burr, is the Navy following their own process here?

Here is the instruction that empowers the Navy to fix the encroachment at Oceana and Fentress. Why wont you as well as the senior senator from this state be at the CNO desk as well as the Secratary of the Navy's desk demanding to know why the people of North Carolina are being evicted from their lands when the Navy will not do anything around Oceana and Fentress?

Only the core 2000 acres are part of the airfield proper, everything outside the fence is suppose to be under the exclusive control of State and local governments.

Mr. Burr and Mrs. Dole, you must force the Navy to follow this instruction. If eminent domain of lands in VA is not needed, then dont take any lands here. However, if the military mission at Oceana and Fentress is horrible, then use the $15 million dollars /year the local government surronding Oceana promised as well as the $295 million plus the yearly expendature that will be needed to keep this second OLF running to fix the critical encroachment issues surrounding Oceana and Fentress now.

Give VA what they want. Give them the Master Jet Base and all the benifits, too!

The Navy has never asked us at the 5 sites if we want this thing. I know my commissioners have stated NO from the get-go on this. Perquimans County. Come talk to us about this, you will see. We dont want it, never have, never will.

That is the process that the Navy is failing miserably at.

Dumber and dumberer

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It's hard to know which of these two spineless Republicans is the lamest. I used to think it was Dole, but Burr's comments today probably qualify him for bottom billing.

Just to reiterate what Unique has already reported:

Sens. Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr said they will try to ensure that the Navy follows the law and addresses North Carolina's concerns. But they also said that they don't want to interfere in the armed service's process to find a suitable location for the airfield.

"At this point, it's a matter of the process," Dole said. "We still need to get answers to the questions."

Said Burr, "I don't think it's a member of Congress' role to tell the Navy where or where not to place something."

What an idiot.

My e-mail to both of them

This is what I sent to Dole:

Mrs. Dole, Whom do you represent? The people of North Carolina have made their wishes known about the Navy's proposed OLF in Washington County, within spitting distance of a National Wildlife Refuge. Yet you say that you don't want to interfere in the process? Have you not already interfered by making a deal with Virginia's senators, behind closed doors?

The family farmers who are about to be evicted from their land deserve better from you. The family farmers who are about to be told they can no longer grow the crops their families have grown for generations, do not deserve to be abandoned by their elected officials.

During the Navy's so-called "research" of this site, they had to cancel more than half of their scheduled test flights because flying was too dangerous, because of the birds. Do you know what happens when an airplane has a collision with a bird? Even if the pilot is able to eject, he could still be severely injured. How many pilots will have to be killed or injured before the Navy decides they made a mistake? And how much do those planes cost? Has that been included in the determination?

What is the matter with building the OLF at Cherry Point, where it would be welcomed, and where the danger of bird strikes is so much less?

Do you plan to run for re-election? The people of this state will not forget that you prefer the citizens of Virginia over the citizens of North Carolina.

Then I made a few changes and sent it to Burr. Not that I think they will pay any attention. Slugs.

Great letter.

But you're right about the "slugs" part.

chartruse dog

This was an excilent letter! With those question you asked, that entire document should also be sent to the Navy utilize this link pls

Questions like that will go along way to stoping this OLF!

Personally, I will be going to a few of the public hearings and I plan to drop a small book on the Navy. If you think some of my comments here where long, EGADS, be happy your not in the Navy!

Questions, questions, questions.....

Don't Forget to Ask -

If the ground starts burning from a crashed jet - who is responsible for putting out the fire?

And more importantly how are they going to get to it?

And who gets to pay for it?

the question should be

When the ground starts to burn due to a crash.... because it is going to happen.


I forgot about the peat! I will add that, make a couple of other changes, and send it to the Navy, too.

I think I'm going to the hearing in Plymouth on April 4, Wake Audubon is chartering a bus from Raleigh.

Is there any more room

on that bus?


Your link didn't work, but I copied & pasted the url, and that worked fine. I did add the part about the peat fire, with a reminder of 95,000 acres burned 20 or so years ago.

The Pledge of Allegiance said by Senators Dole and Burr…

“ We pledge allegiance to the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands,
Oh, damn Richard we said it wrong again…
We pledge allegiance to the United States of America and to the Military Dictatorship for which it stands…”

North Carolinians elected these absent Senators

Senator Dole and Senator Burr have incredible records of incompetancy and failure
to represent their constituants. We North Carolinians elected Senator Dole because her husband was famous. She was never qualified, or even appeared so, but the patriotic drums of fear and destruction took the day and we got what we deserved.

From my perspective, Senator Dole has almost no knowledge of North Carolina and has not even lived here for over 30 years. She comes for photo ops.

Senator Burr represents the interest who can keep him well heeled enough to remain in office. He has married himself to the "Bush" politics of fear and deficet spending.

Both Burr and Dole were very rich when they were elected.
It would be hard to imagine that either has any concept of what it is to live as a middle class worker in North Carolina today.

We Democrats, myself included, did not work hard enough for our Democratic candidates in the past and we paid for it.

Our 80% measures did not measure up to the 100% effort the Republicans exercised.
In 2008, the Democrats has the momentum and initiative.

We have the opportunity ,and the will, to change the face of NC representation.
I just hope we have the time and the dedication to see it through.

2008 will be a year of courage, decision and leadership for Democrats if we want it to be.
I know I do.

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

You're right Marshall

Too many Dems at the top, the DSCC, the DCCC just didn't get it, even in '06. The little people are the ones that get it, even now. Just look here at BlueNC to see how much we get it. This place is an incubator for Democratic Activists who are spreading the news that the MSM refuses to spread. We are more informed and we are active in our local government....that's gotta scare an elected official more than bad PR.

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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