Early voting open thread

Something to talk about while waiting in line:


I voted today

And there were a heck of a lot more people turning out than I thought. This one may (again) be decided before November.

p.s. I didn't see anybody except bonafide election officials inside the polling place where I voted (Alamance County BOE). Anybody see any vigilantes?

The most important election in NC

This could be the most important election in NC. With this election so goes the balance of the NC Supreme Court, which could be the only check or balance against a GOP controlled Governor's Mansion, State House, & State Senate.

Whether or not the highly gerrymandered redistricting maps hold up for another decade, potentially the fate of amendment 1, the environment, education, and so much more could depend on this election.

I think I remember seeing Ervin having a small lead in the polls, but there were more undecideds than anything else, and Newby's side are the only one with ads flooding the airwaves that I've seen.

Nonpartisan judicial elections have so much voter drop off. Many of your friends are going to vote for Obama and not vote for Ervin because they don't know any better. It's your job to make sure they do. The future of North Carolina hangs in the balance.

Nonpartisan voter drop off


Are local referenda on your ballot?

Be sure to go all the way to the end of your ballot -- past the judges -- to vote for any local referenda.

These are typically bonds, but they could be anything in your municipality.

If in Wake County, vote YES for the Wake Community College bonds.


Yes, and I wasn't expecting them

Had a (fraction of a penny) sales tax and a community college bond package, voted for both.

Hotlines to call to report voting problems

Here are a couple of telephone numbers for you to use or pass on to those who might need them.

For those with mobility issues or other disabilities to report lack of physical accessibility at the polling place, this number from Disability Rights NC in Raleigh for Election Protection's toll-free hotline. Election Protection is a national non-partisan group: 866-687-8683

UPDATE: Democracy NC is also providing Election Protection # for use in case of voter intimidation or bullying at the polls. f you have questions before you vote, visit www.NCElectionConnection.com.

People with disability questions or complaints can also call DRNC directly @919-856-2195. DRNC has trained staff including attorneys in Raleigh and a branch office in Asheville, NC.

PWD can also contact their local Centers for Independent Living across the state about inaccessible voting places. The number for the Alliance of Disability Advocates in Raleigh is 919-833-1117.

Martha Brock

'Throngs swamp NC early-voting sites': WRAL

From www.wral.com:

Early voting in North Carolina got off to a fast start Thursday, as people lined up outside one-stop voting locations statewide and waited for up to an hour to cast ballots.

read more here

Martha Brock

Not sure if this can be trusted,

but the breakdown of voters as reported by Civitas shows Republicans outvoting Dems by about a 2/1 margin.

Lotta work to do, folks.

I just assumed the "by mail" thing

meant absentee ballots. Aren't all early voting ballots considered absentee? I think mine said that on the top.

Real numbers for day one:

ASSOCIATED PRESS: 150,000 North Carolinians vote on 1st day -- Officials say about 150,000 North Carolinians cast their ballots on the first day of early voting. Here’s the breakdown: Democrats - 86,031 (57 percent); Republicans - 38,428 (25.5 percent); Unaffiliated - 26,160 (17.3 percent); Libertarian - 253 (0.1 percent).

The numbers look pretty good, but the high Dem vote isn't necessarily good news in the Gubernatorial race. I mean, it's not bad news, but I'm afraid too many Dems are falling for McCrory's numerous lines of bullshit. I guess we'll see.

Early voting, Cary style

I voted early at the Cary Senior Center this morning. Folks were showing up at 8:30 in the morning (I was there early to attend a class), and they were confused about when the polls would open. Early voting did not open until 11:00am. By that time, there was a long line of folks waiting to vote.

I don't know if the Civitas poll is accurate or not, but from the way people were talking and holding Republican slate cards, I would not be surprised if those who voted today at that Cary polling place were 2-1, GOP vs. Dems. Thankfully, there were a couple of Democratic Party poll workers working for the slate and for Lisa Baker. Baker is challenging the incumbent, Nelson Dollar of Cary.

Martha Brock